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Aafia Siddiqui and the Misguided Support for Women of Jihad2022-January-20
Hamas' Growing Role in Iran's Scheme to Encircle Israel 2021-November-11
Iranian Foreign Assassination Campaign Uncovered in Colombia2021-October-07
Hamas Is Building a Second Front Against Israel in Lebanon2021-October-07
Hamas Works with Hizbullah and Iran to Learn Lessons for Next War2021-July-08
Turkey's IHH Aid Organization Linked to ISIS Brides2021-July-01
It's Time Ilhan Omar and "the Squad" Learned the Truth about Israel and Hamas2021-July-01
An Open Letter to My Palestinian Brethren 2021-May-21
Israel's Daily Battle to Block Iranian Aggression2021-March-25
Hamas Prioritizing Naval Attack Force Build-Up 2020-August-03
Iranian, Hizbullah Escalations Force Israel to Rewrite Self-Defense Rules 2019-September-13
Israeli Strike on Hizbullah in Syria a Reminder of Its Potential for Terror 2019-June-14
Ten New York Times Journalists Accuse Israel of "Possibly a War Crime"2018-December-31
Israel's Unsung Humanitarian Mission Saved Thousands of Syrian Lives2018-August-17
Iran's Secret Sites Linked to Nuclear Weapons Development Revealed2017-October-13
Israel Eyes Threat of Islamist Takeover of Western Weapons in Arab States2017-February-09
Waqf Guards Attack Israeli Archeologists on Temple Mount2016-August-01
Weapons Flowing from Europe to Middle East2016-July-29
Orlando Gunman's Father Tied to Radical Islamist Groups2016-June-21
What's the Diplomatic Breakout Time for Stopping an Iranian Bomb?2015-March-20
How the U.S. Refused to Help Locate a Missing IDF Soldier2014-October-17
Mavi Marmara Veteran Killed in Syrian Strike2014-September-29
IDF: No Change in Security Cooperation with PA2014-May-29
Palestinian TV Teaches Kids the Way to "Jihad Street"2014-May-27
In Turkey, Terror Probe Infuriates Prime Minister 2014-January-17
The Excitement of Being a Martyr for Allah2013-October-11
Muslim Brotherhood Chief Calls for Holy War Against Israel 2012-October-12
Iranian Fifth Column in Canada a Possible Threat to U.S. 2012-July-11
Muslim Brotherhood Preaching Israel Destruction after Election2012-July-02
Trial Starts in Oren Speech Case2011-September-09
CAIR Loses Tax-Exempt Status 2011-June-23
Al-Qaeda's New Battle-Hardened, Difficult Leader2011-May-04
FBI Chief: Muslim Brotherhood Supports Terrorism 2011-February-11
Egypt's Future and the Chameleon Muslim Brotherhood 2011-February-01
Would Iran Provide a Nuclear Weapon to Terrorists? 2009-December-24
"Mainstream" U.S. Islamist Convention Features Hate Speech, Defense of Hizbullah 2009-July-17
Judges in Boim Appeal Slam Distinctions Between Hamas Charitable and Violent Wings 2008-December-05
Organizer's Past Raises Questions about Madrid Interfaith Conference 2008-July-17
Lobbying for a Convicted Terrorist2008-April-22
Evil Exposed: Holy Land Trial Shows Charity's Hamas Ties2007-October-30
Access the Largest Counter-Terrorism Data Base in the World2007-September-26
CAIR Executive Director Attended Hamas Meeting2007-August-06
Six Foreign-Born "Radical Islamists" Charged in Plot to Strike Ft. Dix Army Base 2007-May-09
Hamas More Don't We Know?2006-March-02
Islam's Grand Wizard of Deception2005-April-06

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