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Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center

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Half of Fatalities from IDF Strikes in Gaza Fighting Were Terrorist Operatives2022-August-22
Fatah Summer Campers in Nablus Undergo Military Training2022-August-04
54 Palestinian Terror Attacks in Israel in 20212022-February-03
ISIS' Sinai Province in Decline2021-September-27
Palestinian Reactions to the Prisoner Escape2021-September-20
Palestinians Rewrite History to Refute the Jewish Connection to Israel2021-August-05
Casualties in the 2021 Gaza War: How Many and Who Were They?2021-July-29
At Least 48 Percent of Palestinians Killed during 2021 Gaza War Were Terror Operatives 2021-June-24
The Gaza War 2021: An Overview 2021-June-24
Most of the Gazans Killed in the First Two Days of the War Were Terrorists2021-June-03
The 2021 Gaza War2021-May-27
Palestinian Banks Barred from Delivering PA Payments to Terrorists2021-January-14
Al-Aqsa Terrorism: The Role of Religious Motivation in Popular Terrorism 2020-September-17
Pandemic Slows, But Not Stops, Hamas' Terrorism Industry 2020-May-21
How Hamas Views Prospects of an Arrangement with Israel2020-March-13
Hamas Lowers the Flames of the Border Riots2019-December-25
Hizbullah's Media Empire2019-September-06
After Ceasefire, Hamas Arson and IED Balloon Attacks Increase2019-June-05
3/4 of Palestinians Killed in Recent Fighting Were Terrorist Operatives2019-May-10
How Hamas Controls the Gaza Border Marches2019-April-22
Most Palestinians Killed in Gaza Riots Had Terrorist Ties2019-January-24
U.S. Sanctions May Prevent Iran's Expansion, Despite Exit from Syria2018-December-26
Iran Ordered Houthis to Target Saudi Oil Tankers2018-August-22
Argentina, Paraguay Target Hizbullah's Tri-Border Area Terror Finance2018-August-14
Iran's Deadly Diplomats2018-August-10
Hizbullah and Shi'ite Militias Integrated into Syrian Army2018-July-16
Arson Terrorism by Hamas2018-June-21
The Identity of Palestinians Killed in the "Great Return March" 2018-May-29
80 Percent of Gazans Killed at Israel Border Riots Were Affiliated with Terrorists2018-April-27
U.S. Decision on Jerusalem Did Not Lead to Increase in Violence2018-April-23
Report: 80 Percent of Palestinians Killed at Gaza Border Were Terrorists2018-April-12
PA Allocates $360 Million to Pay Terrorists and their Families2018-April-10
Intelligence Report: West Bank Stabilized, Gaza on Edge 2018-February-16
How the U.S. Is Going After Hizbullah in America's Backyard2017-December-01
Obstacles Hindering Iran's Expansion in the Middle East2017-November-29
The Collapse of the Islamic State: What Comes Next?2017-November-17
U.S. Officials Warn of Potential Hizbullah Threat to U.S. Homeland2017-October-11
Anti-Terrorism Options for European Intelligence Agencies 2017-September-08
Iran Funds Families of Islamic Jihad Terrorists in Gaza2017-June-02
The Goals and Significance of Hamas' New Political Document2017-May-11
Palestinians Attack Proposed Curriculum Changes for UN Elementary Schools in Gaza2017-April-06
Iran Loses Thousands, 10 Generals in Syria-Iraq Wars 2017-March-21
How UN Security Council Resolution 2334 Relates to Palestinian Terrorism2017-January-02
The 7th Fatah Congress Again Legitimizes Popular Terrorism2016-December-16
Hostility towards Israel: A Fundamental Element of Iranian Foreign Policy2016-October-28
Jerusalem Intelligence Center Provides Rapid Response to Terrorist Attacks 2016-August-02
Palestinian Educational System Inculcates Hatred and Violence for Israel2016-April-15
Video Shows Anti-Israel Indoctrination of Palestinian School Children2016-April-01
West Ignoring Grave Islamic State Threat in Libya2016-January-21
53 Iranian IRGC Fighters Killed in Syria2015-November-20

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