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Institute for National Security Studies

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Chinese Investments in Israel: Opportunity or National Threat?2014-April-11
The Erosion of the Israel-Hamas Ceasefire in Gaza 2014-April-08
Verification in Iran: No Substitute for Prevention 2014-March-27
Escalation on Israel's Northern Border2014-March-25
Is the U.S. Determined Enough to Confront Iran?2014-March-18
The Seizure of the Klos C: Significance and Implications 2014-March-14
Situation Assessment on the Iranian Nuclear Program 2014-March-03
Clarifying the Security Arrangements Debate: Israeli Forces in the Jordan Valley 2014-February-26
Saudi Arabia's New Missile Force2014-February-25
Iran's Hackers Are America's Newest Cyber Threat 2014-February-21
The Israeli Strategy Against the Iranian Nuclear Project2014-February-21
Security Arrangements: A 4-Level Game2014-February-21
Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations and the American Set of Principles2014-February-11
Social Media Discourse in Saudi Arabia: The Conservative and Radical Camps are the Dominant Voices2014-February-07
Terror Strikes in Egypt2014-February-06
Ya'alon: Premature to Consider U.S.-Crafted Security Arrangements 2014-January-31
With the U.S. Fixated on Sanctions, Iran Is Writing the Script 2014-January-31
Israeli General Reveals Al-Qaeda Bases in Turkey2014-January-30
IDF Intelligence Head: 170,000 Rockets Aimed at Israel's Cities2014-January-30
Strategic Affairs Minister: Israel Must Have Defensible Borders in the Jordan Valley2014-January-30
Netanyahu: Iran Set Back Only 6 Weeks by Nuclear Deal2014-January-29
Netanyahu: Israel Not Obligated by U.S. Peace Plan 2014-January-29
Defense Minister: Israel Can't Rely on Palestinian Authority for Security 2014-January-29
A Convergence of Interests between the U.S. and Iran2014-January-27
The "Geneva 2" Negotiations on the Syrian Civil War2014-January-24
Israelis Wary over Interim Nuclear Deal between Major Powers and Iran2014-January-22
Missile Defense Expert Warns of Growing Strategic Threat2014-January-16
Al-Qaeda Sees Golan Heights as Staging Ground for Attacks on Israel2014-January-14
Israel and Saudi Arabia: Is the Enemy of My Enemy My Friend? 2013-December-24
The Changing of the Tide in the Syrian Civil War 2013-December-18
White House "Failing to Challenge Iran's Interpretations of Geneva Deal" 2013-December-12
A Nuclear Crisis in Search of a Model: Lessons from Iraq, North Korea, Libya, and Syria2013-December-03
Lessons from North Korea for the Iran Nuclear Deal2013-November-29
The Interim Agreement with Iran Must Not Become a Permanent Arrangement 2013-November-27
The Iran Interim Deal: Let the War of Interpretations Begin 2013-November-27
Israeli Experts Suggest a Glass Half Full2013-November-25
Assessing the P5+1 Talks with Iran 2013-November-22
West Shouldn't Undervalue Its Leverage over Iran2013-November-19
If Attacked, How Would Iran Respond?2013-November-18
Iranian Confidence-Building Measures: Real or Illusory?2013-November-18
Guaranteeing that an Initial Deal with Iran Does Not Become the Final Deal2013-November-14
How to Test Iran's Strategy 2013-November-08
The 2013 Municipal Elections in the Israeli Arab Communities2013-November-08
How Iran Is Winning the War of Words2013-November-08
After Round One with Rouhani: Staying Focused on the Dynamics of Nuclear Bargaining 2013-October-18
In Syria: The Bad Against the Bad 2013-October-17
Possible Deals with Iran 2013-October-16
Hamas and Hizbullah Face Reform or Collapse 2013-October-09
Iran: A New Style of Negotiations2013-October-07
Iran Tries to Reframe the Nuclear Issue 2013-October-02

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