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Institute for National Security Studies

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Israel Will Act Against Syria Arms Transfers2013-February-11
Confronting Enemy Force Buildup: The Case of Advanced Weaponry for Hizbullah2013-February-08
Israel: Iran Has "All the Ingredients Necessary" to Make a Nuclear Weapon2013-February-05
Israel "Considering Further Air Strikes on Syria"2013-February-04
Jordan's King Abdullah Won This Round2013-February-01
Israel's Strike on Syrian Target Sends a Warning2013-January-31
Israeli Troops Swap Guns for Computers as Cyber Attacks Rise2013-January-29
A Weapons of Mass Destruction-Free Middle East2013-January-25
Peace Process? Check the Back Burner2013-January-24
Time for Obama to Clarify U.S. Policy on Iran2013-January-21
Who Won in Gaza?2013-January-04
Operation Pillar of Defense in Gaza: Strategic Perspectives 2013-January-03
Mashal's Visit to Gaza and the Future of Hamas 2012-December-18
Abbas' UN Gambit Will Not Bring Peace2012-November-28
The Status of "Palestine" at the UN2012-November-26
Former IDF Advocate General: Turkey Staging a "Show Trial"2012-November-07
U.S. Ambassador Views Relations with Israel During Obama's Second Term2012-November-07
To Stop Iran, All Options Must (Really) Be on the Table2012-November-07
Does Iran Have an "Inalienable Right" to Enrich Uranium? 2012-October-23
Inspired by the "Arab Spring": Saudi Arabia's Volatile Shiite Minority2012-October-17
Political Standoff in Jordan2012-October-11
The End of Jordan as We Know It?2012-October-05
Only Bombing Assad's Forces Will Stop the Slaughter Now2012-September-07
Israel Confronts a Dramatic Decision on Iran2012-September-06
Where Is the Red Line on Iran?2012-September-05
Diplomacy Is Not "the Best Tool for Iran" 2012-August-27
Five Steps Obama Can Take to Avert an Israeli Strike on Iran2012-August-20
Israel to U.S.: Show Us that You'll Really Stop Iran, or We May Have To 2012-August-17
Decision-Making about Iran 2012-August-16
Recommendations for Israeli Policy on Syria2012-August-06
Israel: Missile Fire on Tel Aviv Will Unleash Unprecedented Response2012-August-03
Behind the International Terrorism Campaign of Hizbullah and Iran 2012-July-25
Time for More Surgery2012-July-20
Jihad in Syria: The Penetration of Radical Islam in the Syrian Conflict2012-July-18
The Obstacles to Reaching a Negotiated Settlement in Syria2012-July-06
Radical Islam Spreading in Spain2012-July-04
A United Front Against Iran2012-June-27
Following the Failure of the Moscow Talks2012-June-26
President Putin's Middle East Gambit2012-June-25
The Syrian Uprising: Syrian Discourse on the Social Networks, June 20122012-June-08
The Challenges of Warfare in Densely Populated Areas2012-June-08
Israel and the U.S. in Disagreement over Iran2012-June-07
Netanyahu: Getting Iran to Stop Its 20 Percent Enrichment Is Not Enough 2012-May-31
Israel Pours Cold Water on Big-Power Talks with Iran2012-May-30
Iran on the Threshold2012-May-18
Egypt's Revocation of the Natural Gas Agreement with Israel: Strategic Implications2012-May-09
Beware a Bad Deal with Tehran2012-May-04
What Palestinians Are Discussing on the Social Networks2012-May-01
Following Abbas' Letter to Netanyahu: Options Available to the Palestinian Authority2012-April-23
Palestinian Youth and the Arab Spring2012-April-19

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