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Institute for National Security Studies

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Progress on the Nuclear Deal: How Should Israel Act?2022-August-25
The Loneliness of Islamic Jihad 2022-August-08
The Achievements of Israel's Shadow Campaign in Syria2022-July-28
Iran Takes Putin's Side in Ukraine War2022-July-25
Former IDF Military Intelligence Chief: We Don't Need a Middle East NATO 2022-July-25
Israeli Action Is More Important than Biden's Words2022-July-18
The Palestinian Authority: On a Journey to Nowhere2022-June-16
The Necessary Campaign to Destroy the Jenin Terrorist Hub 2022-June-02
Hamas Is Behind the Ramadan Escalation2022-May-09
Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Israeli Intelligence Collection 2022-May-04
11 Years of War in Syria: Situation Assessment 2022-May-02
Israel's Expanding "War between Wars" with Iran 2022-April-11
Terrorist Attacks in Israel: Time to Change the Rules of the Game2022-April-04
Israel Summit Shows Ties with Arabs Moving from Ceremony to Substance2022-March-28
The Palestinians and the Crisis in Ukraine2022-March-28
Behind the Meeting of Israeli, Egyptian and UAE Leaders2022-March-24
Dropping IRGC from Blacklist Would Be Boon for Terrorism 2022-March-24
The Russian Invasion of Ukraine: Legal Aspects2022-March-17
Israel Condemns Russia's Attack on Ukraine2022-February-24
Impact of the Ukraine Crisis on Israel2022-February-24
Chinese Espionage in Israel? 2022-February-24
The Coming Crisis in the Palestinian Authority2022-February-10
U.S.-Israel Relations in the Age of Great Power Competition2022-February-10
Pragmatic Gulf States Are Tired of Iran's Proxies Disrupting the Region2022-February-03
The Campaign to Weaken Iran Has Begun 2022-February-03
Stopping Iranian Entrenchment in Syria: Time to Lower Expectations 2022-January-24
Arguing with the U.S. over House Demolitions 2022-January-20
The Beginning of the End of the Arab-Israeli Conflict?2021-December-30
European Funding for Palestinian NGOs as Political Subcontracting2021-December-30
Experts View Iran's Advance toward Nuclear Weapons2021-December-27
Moscow Shares Israel's View of Iran as a Destabilizing Regional Force 2021-December-09
The Palestinians Must Acknowledge Their Role in the Holocaust 2021-November-25
The Limitations of the China-Iran Partnership 2021-November-11
Growing Azerbaijan-Iran Tensions 2021-October-14
Iranians Are Leaving Iran 2021-October-07
A Severe Blow to Hamas in the West Bank2021-October-04
Prospects for Rebuilding the Syrian Military 2021-September-20
The New Haifa Bayport Terminal: Are U.S. Concerns over China Justified?2021-September-13
The Taliban Takeover: Iranian Interests in Afghanistan 2021-September-06
Time for Israel to Deprive Hamas in Gaza of Its Power of Extortion 2021-September-06
The Bennett-Biden Summit and the Iranian Nuclear Threat 2021-August-30
How Afghanistan Influences Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Iran's Approach to Israel 2021-August-26
Billions Spent on Afghan Army Ultimately Benefitted Taliban2021-August-19
Iran's Proxy War Against Israel and the 2021 Gaza Conflict2021-August-12
Has Russia Changed Its Policy on Israeli Airstrikes in Syria?2021-August-02
Israel's Grand Strategy2021-June-10
The Home Front in the 2021 Gaza War2021-June-07
Abraham Accords Hold Firm Despite Gaza Conflict 2021-May-20
Israel's Shadow War with Iran Doesn't Have to Strain Relations with the U.S.2021-April-22
Can Israel Live with a Nuclear Iran? 2021-April-19

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