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Institute for Counter-Terrorism

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Hizbullah Threatens to Strike Israeli Offshore Gas Platforms 2022-June-20
The Iranian Revolutionary Apparatus and Hizbullah in West Africa2021-October-28
The Principle of Proportionality Is Often Misinterpreted2021-June-24
Expert: Accusations that Israel Is to Blame for U.S. Police Brutality Are Untrue and Anti-Semitic2020-June-11
"Coronavirus Ceasefire" between Israel, Hamas and Hizbullah Won't Last2020-March-26
The Jihadi "Insider" Threat 2019-October-25
Sufi Leader's Visit to Israel Seen as "Quiet Normalization"2019-October-18
Counter-Terror Experts: Al-Qaeda Is Back2019-September-10
Israel and Jordan Cast Wary Eye toward Syria2019-August-13
In New Video, ISIS Leader Calls to Continue Terror Attacks2019-April-30
The Russian Military Lost Control of the Air Defense System near Its Main Airbase in Syria 2018-September-25
Hizbullah Receives Precision-Guidance Systems for Heavy Rockets 2018-September-07
Palestinian Arson Attacks Breach International Law2018-July-16
Study: Most Lone-Wolf Palestinian Terrorists Posted Intentions on Social Media2018-June-15
Iran's Restive Minorities 2018-January-05
Hamas "Just Waiting for Abbas to Die" as Palestinian Unity Deal Falters2017-December-25
Women, Children Seen as "Potential Radicalized Community of Jihadists"2017-November-27
Hamas Seeks to Take Over the Palestinian Authority2017-October-03
Former Israeli Defense Minister: The International Community Is Failing to Deal with Iran 2017-September-15
The Catalonia Terrorist Attacks2017-August-24
Europe Adopts Israel-Style Security Measures 2017-August-23
What Happens to Islamic State after the Fall of Its Syrian Capital?2017-August-11
Israel Grapples with Iran's Growing Military Presence in Syria2017-July-12
The Role of Iraqi Security Forces in Defeating the Islamic State2017-March-30
Hamas-Islamic State Conflict Intensifies in Gaza2017-February-20
How Israel Became a Role Model in Fighting Terrorism 2016-August-26
International Funding for Salaries and Benefits to Terrorists2016-July-14
Combating Terror in Israel2016-May-02
The Iran-Russia-Syria Alliance Is the Middle East's "Number One Problem"2016-February-24
How Palestinians Hurt the Palestinians2016-February-11
Israel Struggles to Combat Homegrown ISIS Threat2016-January-15
The Formulation of a Counterterrorism Strategy 2015-December-11
Lone Wolf Terrorism and Social Media2015-November-05
Terror Wave Will Subside When Palestinian Leadership Stops Incitement 2015-October-30
Terrorism Epidemic 2015-October-12
IDF: Continued Hamas Rule in Gaza Is Not Assured 2015-September-08
World Inspection Didn't Stop Syria's Chemical Weapons Use; Why Would Iran Be Different? 2015-July-29
The Status of Western Military Aid to Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga Forces 2015-May-12
Why America Needs Israel 2015-May-01
Unmasking BDS: Radical Roots, Extremist Ends 2014-December-23
Netanyahu: Israel Fully Supports President Obama's Call for United Action Against ISIS2014-September-12
Israel Targeted Gaza Mosques Used for Terror 2014-August-13
The "Something Worse than Hamas" Myth2014-July-31
If Israel Is Forced to End Gaza Ground Operation Prematurely, Arabs May Perceive Hamas as Winner2014-July-23
Syrian Fighting Gives Hizbullah New Purpose 2014-May-21
In Syria: Assad May Now Be the Greater Evil2014-March-24
Why the West Should Be Scared of Syria2014-January-08
Beirut Bombing Targets Iran2013-November-20
Single-Minded Islamic Jihad Grows in Gaza's Shadows 2013-November-14
Don't Hold Your Breath for Syrian Chemical Weapons to Be Destroyed2013-September-18

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