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American Jews Who Support Israel Stand for the Very Best of Our American Heritage and Values2022-April-28
The Anti-Semitism of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Staff at American Universities2021-December-23
Ben and Jerry's Israeli Boycott Is Contrary to Human Rights and Decency2021-August-19
U.S. Envoy: Boycotting Israel Is Anti-Semitic 2020-December-24
U.S. Shouldn't Reenter Iran Nuclear Deal - Iran Sponsors Terrorism and Seeks Nuclear Weapons2020-December-10
Since We're Debating Labels, Stop Calling It Anti-Semitism. It's Jew-Hatred. 2020-July-09
Palestinians Protest U.S. Peace Plan at UN, But World Has Moved On2020-February-13
Palestinian Refusal to Negotiate Dooms Peace Process2019-November-26
Former Israeli Chief Justice Meir Shamgar: The Right Man in the Right Place at the Right Time 2019-November-01
2,000-Year-Old Pilgrimage Road Opens in Jerusalem's City of David 2019-July-01
Sisi Restores Jewish Heritage in Egypt But Faces Challenges2018-December-17
U.S. Decision to Defund UNRWA Aimed at Refocusing Attention on Ways to End the Conflict2018-September-12
The Nuclear Deal Hasn't Reduced Iran's Threat to International Security2018-May-11
Should U.S. Aid to the Palestinians Be Suspended? 2018-March-19
How U.S. Can Stop Palestinian Authority from Abusing Interpol 2018-February-23
Iran's Moves in Syria Threaten Region2018-February-16
Should the U.S. Continue to Fund the Palestinians Regardless of Their Intransigence?2018-January-16
After ISIS Campaign, Iran-Backed Fighters in Iraq Vow to Drive Out U.S. Troops2017-December-26
Turkey Aims to Tighten Muslim Grip on Temple Mount2017-June-22
Iran Is Brutalizing Aleppo2016-December-21
Allowing the Palestinians to Join Interpol Would Be a Serious Mistake 2016-November-08
Iran Seen as Top Mideast Threat to U.S. 2016-August-11
Israel on a Charm Offensive to African Countries2016-April-14
What Happens If Congress Says No to the Iran Deal?2015-August-19
Iran Deal Leaves Security Fears2015-April-07
Time to Reconsider U.S. Support of UNRWA2015-March-13
Iran Now Unhindered in Obtaining Nuclear Weapons, Experts Warn2013-December-16
Playing by Iran's Rules2013-September-24
500,000 Attend Slihot Prayers at Western Wall in Jerusalem in Past Month 2013-September-13
Saudis Repeat Al-Aqsa Libel - Again 2013-June-27
Female Israeli Soldiers Storm Al-Aqsa Mosque Complex2013-May-29
Obama's Middle East Challenges2013-April-05
Israeli-Palestinian Peace? Focus on Syria and Iran Instead2013-March-28
Russia's Endgame in Syria 2012-July-17
The Muslim Brotherhood Goes to Washington2012-April-12
Saudi Arabia's Grand Mufti: "Destroy All the Churches" 2012-March-23
Syrian WMD: Counter-Proliferation Contingency Planning Needed2012-February-29
Growing U.S. Fears over Iran's Ties to Latin America2012-January-11
Behind the Israeli-Lebanese Gas Row2011-July-26
Refocus on Iran: More Sanctions Needed 2011-February-17
Jerusalem's Western Wall Gets an iPhone App 2010-December-31
Western Wall Feud Heightens Israeli-Palestinian Tensions2010-November-26
Expert: Israel Can't Rely on Turkey or NATO for its Defense2010-November-25
Turkey's New Threat Assessment: A Challenge for Washington2010-November-04
Britain's New Export: Islamist Carnage 2010-August-06
Demonizing Israel Is Bad for the Palestinians2010-August-03
U.S. Clueless in Gaza?2010-July-23
UN Inquiry Accused of Anti-Israel Bias 2010-March-08
The UNDP Arab Knowledge Report 20092010-January-20
New Archeological Discoveries Reveal Jewish Life in Jerusalem during Second Temple Period2009-December-25

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