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Gerald Steinberg

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The Goldstone Report Indicts an Entire Nation on False Charges 2009-November-20
Israel Questions Amnesty Report on Water Allocation2009-October-27
European Governments Fund NGO that Sought to Arrest Israeli Defense Minister in Britain2009-October-01
UN Smears Israeli Self-Defense as "War Crimes" 2009-September-17
Goldstone's Kangaroo Court Report2009-September-16
Analysts Play Down Expectations from Obama-Abbas-Netanyahu Talks 2009-September-02
Sweden Funding Extreme Anti-Israel Groups 2009-July-02
Taking Back the Narrative2009-June-05
EU-Funded NGOs Promote Palestinian Positions on Jerusalem2009-May-21
The Centrality of NGOs in Promoting Anti-Israel Boycotts and Sanctions 2009-May-08
Jewish Groups Ready to Fight Durban 2 in Geneva 2009-April-17
Arabs Spurn the "Two-State Solution"2009-April-10
Durban II: New Strategy Needed2009-March-23
Durban II and the Limits of Engagement2009-March-02
Obama's High-Risk Engagement at the Durban Review Conference2009-February-17
EU-Funded Palestinian NGO Leading the "Spanish Inquisition"2009-January-30
The Impact of Israel's Gaza Mini-War2009-January-23
White (Phosphorous) Lies2009-January-19
No Good Options in Gaza2008-December-26
Double Standards on "Occupations" 2008-November-14
European Union Ends Funding of Anti-Israel NGO 2008-September-15
Lessons of the War in Georgia2008-August-13
Stop Funding Demonizing NGOs 2008-July-09
Terror's Predictable Spontaneity 2008-July-03
New York Times Reporter Seduced by NGOs' "Halo" 2008-June-24
Israel at Sixty: Asymmetry, Vulnerability, and the Search for Security 2008-May-30
No Alternative to Jewish Sovereignty2008-May-07
Funding Israel's Detractors2008-May-06
Arab Financial Offensive on U.S. Companies Concerns Analysts2008-March-19
Hit On "Most Wanted" Terrorist Sends Message2008-February-15
A Jewish State2008-January-11
The Bush Visit and Tensions in the U.S.-Israel Relationship2008-January-07
Intelligence Report on Iran, Not Annapolis, at Top of Israel's Agenda for Bush Visit2008-January-03
Decoding the U.S. National Intelligence Estimate on Iran's Nuclear Weapons Program2007-December-06
Why Are the IAEA and Dr. Mohammed El-Baradei Protecting Iran?2007-November-06
The Ideology of Peace Studies2007-October-05
Syria Voted Co-chairman of IAEA2007-September-19
Rep. Engel "Disappointed" by Ford Forum for Mearsheimer2007-September-10
Advice for Blair: Stop Patronizing the Palestinians2007-June-29
At War with "No Good Options"2007-May-29
Scrutinize Amnesty International2007-May-25
Reliance on NGOs Saps State Department Report's Credibility2007-April-06
Avoid the "Grand Solution" Temptation2007-March-15
State Department Report Parrots Biased NGOs2007-March-08
European Governments Meddle in Israeli Domestic Politics 2007-February-21
Israel Experts Doubt Focusing on Israel-Arab Conflict Will Help in Iraq2006-December-08
Preventing Gaza from Becoming Somalia2006-October-18
North Korea and Iran: Will Any Lessons Be Learned?2006-October-12
A De Facto Palestinian Trusteeship 2006-August-11
Is a Sustainable Cease-Fire in Lebanon Realistic? If Not, What Is the Alternative?2006-July-31

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