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Gerald Steinberg

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Israeli Rescue Operation Morphs into Strategic "Cleansing" of Hamas in West Bank 2014-June-20
New European Funding for Legal Warfare Against Israel2014-April-24
EU Funding for Radical NGOs: A Response to the EU Ambassador2014-March-21
Anti-Israel NGOs Spark European Calls for Reform2014-February-21
Why Does the EU Continue to Fund Anti-Peace NGOs?2014-February-12
Confronting European Funding for BDS2014-January-30
A Sense of Letdown in Israel over U.S. Pledges on Iran2013-November-21
Peace Will Take More than Trust and Hope 2013-August-23
Iran's New Leader and the Limits of Diplomacy2013-August-05
EU Guidelines on Relations with Israel Reflect Delegitimization Campaign2013-July-17
The Bond Between India and Israel Grows2013-June-10
Report: U.S. Government Funding for Mideast Political NGOs Undermines U.S. Policy2013-May-21
China Can Posture, But It Can't Bring Peace to the Middle East2013-May-08
Church of Scotland Report Linked to Anti-Israel NGO2013-May-07
U.S. Human Rights Report Relies on Unverified NGO Claims2013-April-23
Israel Forms New Coalition Government 2013-March-15
Experts Decry EU Delays on Hizbullah Sanctions 2013-February-22
Foreign Government Funding for Israeli NGOs 2013-February-08
EU Court Throws Out NGO Funding Case Brought by Israel-Based Group2012-December-26
Restoring Israeli Deterrence2012-November-16
Waiting for Turkey's Apology 2012-October-05
International Solidarity Movement Culpable in the Death of Rachel Corrie2012-August-28
Amnesty Report Against Israel Written by Pro-Palestinian Activists2012-June-07
Taking Back Israel's National Sovereignty2012-April-27
How about Arab Apartheid Week?2012-March-12
The NGOs that Stole Christmas2011-December-23
NGO Monitor Slams Belgian Funding for Anti-Israel Groups2011-August-15
Lebanon War Distortions2011-August-05
More Diplomatic Theater? 2011-July-06
Nakba Myth Stands in the Way of Peace2011-June-17
Freezing Palestinian Myths 2011-February-25
Europe Needs a Parliamentary Inquiry on NGO Funding 2011-January-12
Prospects for Peace Talks2010-September-03
Europeans Spending Millions to Manipulate Israeli Politics2010-April-15
U.S.-Israel Crisis: When Ben-Gurion Said No to JFK2010-April-01
British Response Mild, Affected by Upcoming UK Elections2010-March-24
Israel's Right to Self-Defense2010-February-24
Israel Watchdog Group Sues EU over "Transparency"2010-January-21
Israel and the Illusion of International Justice2010-January-15
European Governments Have Been Manipulating Israeli Politics for Years2009-December-02
Manipulating the Marketplace of Ideas 2009-November-27
The Goldstone Report Indicts an Entire Nation on False Charges 2009-November-20
Israel Questions Amnesty Report on Water Allocation2009-October-27
European Governments Fund NGO that Sought to Arrest Israeli Defense Minister in Britain2009-October-01
UN Smears Israeli Self-Defense as "War Crimes" 2009-September-17
Goldstone's Kangaroo Court Report2009-September-16
Analysts Play Down Expectations from Obama-Abbas-Netanyahu Talks 2009-September-02
Sweden Funding Extreme Anti-Israel Groups 2009-July-02
Taking Back the Narrative2009-June-05
EU-Funded NGOs Promote Palestinian Positions on Jerusalem2009-May-21

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