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Fouad Ajami

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Implications of a Shi'ite Victory in Iraq2007-April-20
Sunnis Have Lost the Battle for Baghdad2007-April-13
Maintaining Perspective on Iran2007-February-28
The American Iraq: How the Sunni Arabs and the Palestinians Respond 2007-January-30
Measure for Measure2007-January-10
Deluded to the Last 2007-January-01
Hostage to Hizballah 2006-July-21
Son of the Ayatollah2006-April-16
Surveying the Israel Lobby 2006-March-31
The Promise of Liberty2006-February-06
Within the Gates 2005-December-23
Blowback: Zarqawi, a Jordanian Export to Iraq, Now Wreaks Havoc in the Land of His Birth 2005-November-16
Heart of Darkness 2005-September-28
Within the Gates 2005-July-21
The Autumn of the Autocrats2005-May-02
The Apparition in the Levant2005-March-30
A Sudden, Powerful Stirring2005-March-11
Death of a Businessman2005-February-17
A Juggler Par Excellence2004-November-09
The Great Refusal2004-October-06
Facing Up to Unholy Terror2004-September-15
Reaping the Whirlwind2004-June-23
The Curse of Pan-Arabia2004-May-13
History's Terrible Harvest2004-April-09
A Legacy of Pain and Poison 2004-March-30
The Arab World Grapples with Saddam's Captivity2003-December-18
The Duality of Iraq2003-November-10
The Poisoned Well2003-October-17
The Falseness of Anti-Americanism2003-September-10
Beirut, Baghdad2003-August-26
The Anti-Americans 2003-July-04
U.S. Buys No Friendship in Arab Lands with Pro-Palestinian Diplomacy2003-May-19
A Settling of Accounts Past Due 2003-February-21
A Settling of Accounts Past Due 2003-February-18
Will Iraq's Liberation Help Free Iran Too?2003-February-13
Iraq and the Arabs' Future2002-December-25
Two Faces, One Terror2002-November-14
Hail the American Imperium 2002-November-08
Can the Palestinians Build a Normal Political Order?2002-June-27

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