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Emily Landau

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Confront Iran's Nuclear Violations2019-November-26
Has Iran Complied with the Nuclear Deal? 2019-July-23
America Must Not Back Down Against Iran2019-May-13
Has the U.S. Intelligence Community Misread Iran's Nuclear Program?2019-February-08
The Iran Deal, Three Years Later2019-January-16
How Europe Has Gone Astray on Iran 2018-December-14
Can the United States Prevent Saudi Arabia from Getting Nuclear Weapons?2018-December-06
Iran Expert: IAEA Needs to Be Able to Inspect Everywhere 2018-October-04
U.S.-North Korea Summit: Crisis Management, Not Nuclear Resolution2018-June-13
Iran Has No Interest in Leaving the Nuclear Deal 2018-May-08
It Was Never the Iran Nuclear Deal or War2018-May-08
Netanyahu's Speech Proves What We Knew All Along - and that Changes Everything2018-May-03
Strengthening the Iran Nuclear Deal2018-April-26
Will Russia and the U.S. Deny Iran Freedom of Action in Syria?2018-February-20
Don't Withdraw from the Nuclear Agreement, Demand Its Full Implementation 2018-January-11
Lessons from the Negotiation that Led to the Iran Nuclear Deal 2018-January-02
U.S. Policy on Iran: Getting Tough without Leaving the Nuclear Deal2017-October-18
Security Expert: Iran Can Be Where North Korea Is in a Short Time 2017-September-06
The New Iranian Threat in Enriching Uranium Exposes the Weakness of the Nuclear Agreement2017-August-24
Experts Concerned about North Korean Nuclear Precedent for Iran 2017-August-15
The North Korean Case of Failed Negotiations Must Be Heeded When Thinking about Iran2017-August-15
Airstrike in Syria: Restoring U.S. Leadership and Deterrence2017-April-12
Lessons on Iran from North Korea's Nuclear Threat2017-March-30
Obama's Legacy, a Nuclear Iran? 2017-March-14
Putting Iran on Notice Puts Tehran Off Balance2017-March-10
U.S. Policy Change Important to Deter Iran2017-February-06
Changing the U.S. Approach to Iran2017-January-20
What Trump Should Do with the Iran Deal 2016-December-16
Repairing the Iran Nuclear Deal's Damage 2016-November-17
Israeli Expert: U.S. Acting as "Iran's Lawyer" 2016-September-06
The Iran Nuclear Deal: One Year On2016-June-23
How Iran Is Twisting Reality to Get What It Wants 2016-May-11
Defense Minister Ya'alon: Arab States Seeking Nukes in Wake of Iran Deal 2016-February-15
Iran's Ballistic Missiles Are Actually a Huge Problem2016-January-05
Experts: "Iran Has Achieved a Major Victory"2015-December-30
Ignoring Iran's Past Deceptions Dooms Nuclear Deal 2015-December-08
Israeli Arms Control Expert: Iranian Long-Range Missile Test a Challenge to U.S. 2015-October-16
U.S. Administration Played Catch-22 on Iran Deal2015-August-24
The Iran Nuclear Deal: The U.S. Changed the Objective2015-August-20
What 29 Top U.S. Scientists Don't Know2015-August-11
A Deeply Flawed Deal 2015-August-03
A Deal with Gaping Failures 2015-July-17
A Moment before the Iran Deal 2015-July-13
As Showdown Time with Iran Draws Near, What Are the Real Choices? 2015-May-28
Israeli Cooperation with Nuclear Treaty Diplomats Helped Prevent Bad Outcome 2015-May-26
An Agreement that Does Not Include Dismantlement Is a Recipe for Failure 2015-April-08
Framework Agreement Does Not Warrant Celebration2015-April-06
Iran's Nuclear Fairy Tale 2015-March-11
The Gaping Holes in Obama's Iran Deal2015-March-06
Expert: Bad Iran Deal Neglects Weaponization2015-February-24

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