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Elliott Abrams

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In What Country Is Shimon Peres Buried?2016-October-05
Abbas' Inaccurate History 2016-September-28
Why Peace Is Not at Hand 2016-September-02
The Palestinian Elections: Repeating the Mistakes of the Past2016-August-31
Foreign Aid for Hamas2016-August-17
New State Department Assault on Israel 2016-August-01
The Middle East Quartet's New Report Misses the Point2016-July-05
The Positive Side of Nationalism2016-June-30
Biden's Assault on Israel2016-April-20
Israel Is Less Isolated than the U.S.2016-April-15
American Jews and Israel's Security 2016-April-15
The UN Sinks Further into the Anti-Israeli Muck2016-March-17
Dangerous Illusions about Iran2016-March-11
Gallup Votes for Bibi2016-March-04
America's New Ally Iran 2016-January-19
Is the U.S. Still Promoting Democracy in the Middle East?2016-January-08
Iran Sacks Another Embassy2016-January-06
Iran's Nuclear Weapons Program Confirmed 2015-December-08
Are Some Terror Victims More Innocent than Others?2015-November-23
If You Love Israel, Don't Boycott It2015-October-29
Book Review: Dennis Ross on the U.S.-Israel Relationship2015-October-16
Kerry Links Palestinian Terror to Settlement Expansion 2015-October-15
Where Was the UN Ambassador When Netanyahu Spoke? 2015-October-06
Was Netanyahu Right to Fight the Iran Deal?2015-September-07
Europe Goes Back to the "Peace Process"2015-July-24
Iran Bans U.S. Inspectors from All Nuclear Sites2015-July-17
Iran Got a Far Better Deal Than It Had Any Right to Expect2015-July-16
PA Targets Former Prime Minister Salam Fayyad 2015-June-25
How Isolated Is Israel?2015-June-08
Russian Arms Sale Will Strengthen Iran's Military Posture2015-April-14
Obama Buries the Hatchet - in Netanyahu's Head2015-March-20
U.S. and Israel: The Manufactured Crisis 2015-March-03
About that Netanyahu Invitation to Address Congress 2015-January-28
The Palestinian Authority's Latest Charade2015-January-06
Israel's Successful Pivot to Asia 2014-December-08
U.S. Policy, Viewed from the Middle East2014-November-03
The New York Times and Israeli Settlements - Again 2014-October-21
The President and New Housing in Jerusalem2014-October-03
UN Peacekeepers on Israel's Border Fled Under Pressure 2014-September-18
Israel and the Arab World: Alliances of Convenience in a Long War2014-September-04
Who Won the Gaza War?2014-September-02
The Gaza War and the Feeble PA2014-August-03
Why Did Hamas Provoke a War?2014-July-10
Facts on the Ground: Inside Israel's Settlement Slowdown2014-June-27
Dangerous Unity: The Perils of the New Fatah-Hamas Government2014-June-11
U.S. Reviewing Hamas Role in PA Government 2014-June-06
Blaming Israel Again2014-May-19
Martin's Myths2014-May-12
Will Kerry Continue the Peace Negotiations If Hamas and Fatah Unite? 2014-April-25
Hamas Is the Greatest Obstacle to Peace 2014-April-17

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