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Dore Gold

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Is Israel Truly Isolated? 2011-September-20
Israel's Rights as a Nation-State in International Diplomacy 2011-September-19
Israel's Relations with Turkey and Egypt 2011-September-14
Arab Spring Increases Uncertainty for Israel2011-September-12
Why the West Cares about Turkey's Diplomatic Conflict with Israel 2011-September-09
Al Qaeda Linked to Israeli Bus Ambush2011-August-23
Israel's Greatest Strategic Minds Have Long Opposed 1967 Line2011-June-06
Video: 1967 Lines Were Never a Border2011-May-30
Israel's 1967 Lines Aren't Defensible2011-May-23
Netanyahu Responds Icily to Obama Remarks2011-May-20
Countdown to September: Israel, the Palestinians, and the UN General Assembly2011-May-02
Why Palestinian Unity Won't Lead to Peace2011-April-29
Hamas-Fatah Pact: Is the Peace Process Over?2011-April-28
Israel Eyes Turmoil in Syria2011-April-26
Israel Conducting Global War on Hamas 2011-April-08
Will the U.S., the UN and the Palestinians Renege on Prior Agreements?2011-April-06
Report to Congress on Israel's Requirements for Defensible Borders in a Rapidly Changing Middle East2011-April-06
How Israel Could Revolutionize the Global Energy Sector 2011-March-11
The International Context of the U.S. Veto at the UN Security Council - Interview with Dore Gold by Michael Tuchfeld2011-March-01
Mideast Upheaval Jolts Israel2011-February-24
U.S. Policy on Israeli Settlements2011-February-22
The Iranians Head for the Suez Canal2011-February-18
Video: Muslim Brotherhood Still Committed to Violence2011-February-08
Is ElBaradei a "Donkey of the Revolution"?2011-February-02
How the Israeli Press is Interpreting Obama's Policy on Egypt 2011-January-31
The West Bank's Airspace - The Forgotten Factor of Israeli Security2011-January-28
The Economist's Indecent Proposal 2011-January-10
Video: Can the Palestinians Legally Declare Statehood Unilaterally?2010-November-23
Averting Palestinian Unilateralism: The International Criminal Court and the Recognition of the Palestinian Authority as a Palestinian State2010-November-19
Ottoman Imperial Decrees Debunk Erdogan's Claim2010-November-09
Palestinians Shift Focus in Strategy for Statehood 2010-October-21
Does the PA Fulfill the Criteria for an Independent State? 2010-October-18
A New Israeli Settlement Freeze? What's Behind Netanyahu's Offer2010-October-13
Israelis Are Not Prepared to Concede Jerusalem2010-September-29
Israel Braces for Difficult Month2010-August-31
In Mideast Talks, Scant Hopes from the Beginning 2010-August-23
Historical Fiction: Israel Is Not a Colonialist State2010-August-18
Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations and the 1967 Borders2010-August-16
The Colonialist Origins of the Arab States 2010-August-02
Prospects for Talks on Mideast Peace Deal 2010-July-15
After the Obama-Netanyahu Summit 2010-July-08
Visiting Privileges: The Obama-Netanyahu Meeting2010-July-07
Israel's Naval Blockade of Gaza Is Legal, Necessary 2010-June-11
Why Israel Ignores Criticism of Gaza Flotilla Raid 2010-June-10
Israel Deflects Pressure on Nuclear Weapons2010-May-31
A Crisis in U.S.-Israel Relations: Have We Been Here Before? 2010-April-09
Netanyahu Pressed to Resist U.S.2010-March-29
The Dangerous Bias of the UN Goldstone Report2010-March-26
Diplomatic Dispute Obscures Israel's Invaluable Help to U.S. Military 2010-March-24
Israel Rejects U.S. Demands on Building in East Jerusalem 2010-March-17

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