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Israel: Hamas Stealing 95 Percent of Civilian Cement Transferred to Gaza2016-May-26
Israeli Delegation Visits Turkey for World Humanitarian Summit2016-May-25
Israel Transfers Ancient Sarcophagi Covers to Egypt2016-May-23
French Plan for Middle East Peace Talks Hits Israeli Opposition2016-May-19
Israel Thanks Norway for Saying Aid Won't Go to Imprisoned Terrorists2016-May-17
Israel Tells France It's Not Interested in Multilateral Peace Talks2016-May-16
Israel Opposes French Plan Even If It Includes "Jewish State" Recognition2016-May-13
Holocaust Remembrance Day at Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp2016-May-05
Israel Foreign Ministry Protests Countries that Voted for UNESCO Resolution 2016-April-21
The Istanbul Attack and Turkey-Israel Relations2016-March-21
Israel's Main Concern in Syria: Iran, Not ISIS2016-March-17
Netanyahu: Peace with Arab World Will Lead to Peace with Palestinians2016-March-15
South Africa "Ready to Hear" Israel's Arguments2016-March-14
Israeli Volunteers Passing Critical Humanitarian Supplies to Syrians 2016-February-26
Israeli Foreign Ministry Delegation in Moscow for Talks Thursday 2016-February-19
EU Backs Down from Product-Labeling Push2016-February-15
Foreign Ministry: "Israel Will Never Leave the Golan Heights"2016-February-02
Israel Has Contacts with Almost Every Arab State2016-January-20
Israel Quietly Courts Sunni States2016-January-15
Top Israeli Diplomat: "Iran Wants to Turn Syria into a Province of Iran"2016-January-13
Israeli Foreign Ministry Stresses Common Israeli-Arab Interests2015-December-29
Israel to Open Diplomatic Mission in Abu Dhabi 2015-November-27
Israel Raps Sweden Envoy after Minister's Remarks on Palestinian "Desperation"2015-November-17
48 Years Since Resolution 242: The Cornerstone of the Arab-Israeli Peace Process 2015-November-13
Israel Foreign Ministry Chief Attends OSCE Conference in Jordan2015-October-21
Joseph's Tomb Arson Demonstrates Fate of Holy Sites in Palestinian Hands2015-October-19
Israel Takes New Steps to Stem Terror Wave 2015-October-15
Palestinian Incitement Leads to Violence - Recent Examples2015-October-15
Foreign Ministry: "Israel Has Many New Friends in the World"2015-September-18
A (Moderately) Hopeful Sign for Israel from Cairo 2015-September-11
Israel Sees Increasing Convergence of Interests with Turkey2015-September-11
Israel Embassy Reopens in Egypt after Four Years2015-September-10
Israeli Opposition to Iranian Aggression Will Continue2015-September-07
Foreign Ministry: Israel Tried to Raise Awareness of Perils of Iran Accord2015-September-04
Israel "Hopeful" Turkey Will Reconcile Soon; Hamas "Remains Unreformed" 2015-August-28
The Saudis Reply to Iran's Rising Danger 2015-August-25
Iran Trying to Move Yakhont Missiles and SA-22 Air Defense Systems to Hizbullah2015-August-21
Israel Foreign Ministry: Sunni Arab Nations Are "Allies"2015-July-30
Israel: Deal Boosts Iran Terror Threat 2015-July-24
Iran Deal Looms as U.S. Defense Secretary Meets with Netanyahu2015-July-22
Battle to Thwart Iran Nuke Deal Not Over, Foreign Ministry Chief Vows2015-July-14
Trusting Iran to Stop Terrorism Is Like Inviting an Arsonist to Join the Fire Brigade 2015-July-10
Israel Slams UNESCO for Ignoring Jewish and Christian Connection to Jerusalem2015-July-08
Israeli Official Visits Cairo to Discuss Palestinian Peace Talks2015-June-29
Israel, Egypt Said to See "Eye to Eye" on Regional Issues2015-June-29
Israel Warns of New Gaza Flotilla2015-June-23
Israel and Turkey Renew Reconciliation Talks2015-June-23
The Gaza War 2014: The War Israel Did Not Want and the Disaster It Averted2015-June-22
Israel Says War in Gaza Was Moral and Deaths Are the Fault of Hamas 2015-June-15
The Saudis Team Up with Israel2015-June-12

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