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Dore Gold

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Netanyahu Pressed to Resist U.S.2010-March-29
The Dangerous Bias of the UN Goldstone Report2010-March-26
Diplomatic Dispute Obscures Israel's Invaluable Help to U.S. Military 2010-March-24
Israel Rejects U.S. Demands on Building in East Jerusalem 2010-March-17
The Hidden Agenda Behind "Israel Apartheid Week"2010-March-08
EU to Debate Goldstone Report2010-February-25
Goldstone Commission Military Expert's Anti-Israel Bias Documented2010-February-11
New Revelations about the UN Goldstone Report2010-February-11
What Happened to the Jordan Valley?2010-January-18
The Expansion of Al-Qaeda-Affiliated Jihadi Groups in Gaza: Diplomatic Implications2010-January-04
Video: Israel's Right to Build in Jerusalem2010-January-01
Iran's Global Bedfellows 2009-December-18
Europe Seeks to Divide Jerusalem 2009-December-11
Who Loses the Iran Game? 2009-December-07
The UN Gaza Report2009-November-23
Should Israel Have Cooperated with Goldstone? 2009-November-16
Gold vs. Goldstone 2009-November-13
What Really Happened at Gaza Mosque?2009-November-13
At Brandeis, Israel's Guilt and Innocence on Display2009-November-09
"The Goldstone Report Distorts the Very Essence of What Israel Stands For" 2009-November-09
Goldstone, Gold Debate UN Report on Gaza2009-November-06
Goldstone, Gold to Debate at Brandeis on Nov. 52009-October-22
Iran Will Provide a Nuclear Umbrella for Terrorism2009-October-21
Waiting for the Deadline on Iran - Again2009-October-08
Quartet Discards the Principle of Reciprocity in Israeli-Palestinian Agreements2009-October-02
Sanctions Now2009-September-29
Tehran Deceives While Completing Its Nukes2009-September-21
What Happened to the U.S. Deadline on Iran?2009-September-16
Netanyahu Never Agreed to Withdraw from the Entire Golan Heights2009-September-10
"The West Must Not Fall into the Trap that the Iranians Are Setting for It": A Warning by Israel's Former UN Ambassador in a New Book2009-August-25
Nuclear Iran Looms in the Future2009-August-25
Israel Weighs Iranian Threat2009-August-24
Is Eastern Jerusalem "Occupied Territory"? 2009-August-14
Iran's Nuclear Aspirations Threaten the World2009-August-06
U.S. Policy on Israeli Settlements2009-June-18
Iran Vote Won't Ease Israel Tensions, Analysts Say2009-June-11
U.S. Policy on Israeli Settlements2009-June-09
Settlements Issue Overrated, Says Top Israeli Adviser2009-June-01
Israel's Forgotten Rights in Jerusalem2009-May-26
The Beginning of a Strategic U.S.-Israel Convergence on Iran2009-May-19
U.S., Israel Share Strategic Goals2009-May-18
Defending the Golan Heights2009-May-07
Israel Doesn't Need to Be Pushed to Seek Peace 2009-April-10
The Gaza-Egypt Smuggling Tunnels Must Be Closed2009-January-14
The False Symmetry of UN Security Council Resolution 18602009-January-12
Video: The Importance of an Israeli Victory Against Hamas for the West2009-January-06
Israel Must Not Negotiate with Hamas2009-January-02
Did Israel Use "Disproportionate Force" in Gaza?2008-December-29
How President Obama Can Promote Israeli-Palestinian Peace2008-December-24
London Conference on Abuse of "Universal Jurisdiction"2008-November-27

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