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David Makovsky

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Sunni Arab Leaders Are No Longer Willing to Wait for the Palestinians 2022-August-04
A New Regional Role for Israel, as Washington Steps Back2022-March-31
A New Israeli Prime Minister Visits the White House 2021-August-26
Washington Experts View Revival of Iran Nuclear Deal2020-November-12
The Israel-UAE Agreement Offers a Chance for a New Peace Paradigm 2020-August-20
Arab Leaders' Support for Mideast Peace Plan Marks a Regional Shift 2020-January-30
In Bahrain, U.S. Tries to Promote Mideast Peace through Prosperity2019-June-26
Reshaping U.S. Aid to the Palestinians2018-September-14
Israel Signaling a Heavy Price for Iranian "Entrenchment" in Syria2018-February-13
Syrian Ceasefire Makes Israel Nervous2017-July-18
What Makes U.S.-Israel Defense Ties so "Rock Solid?"2017-June-09
When International Guarantees Utterly Failed2017-May-08
If Palestinians Are Serious about Peace, "Martyr" Violence Should Not Pay2017-April-07
Shimon Peres Was Israel's Quintessential Zionist2016-September-29
A Message of Strong, Long-Term U.S. Support for Israel at a Time of Massive Regional Turbulence 2016-September-16
Israel Seeks to Boost the Palestinian Economic Sector in the West Bank2016-August-23
Any International Effort to Impose a Solution on Israel Will Lack Balance2016-June-01
Debating an Increase in U.S. Military Aid to Israel 2016-March-16
U.S. Sends "Message" to Abbas with $80 Million Aid Cut2015-October-23
Words Have Consequences: Palestinian Authority Incitement to Violence2015-October-23
It's Time for Congress to Come Together on Iran 2015-September-11
Assessing the Iran Nuclear Agreement2015-August-05
U.S. and Israel Must Continue to Cooperate on Security and Intelligence2015-July-30
BDS' Useless Politics of Confrontation2015-May-25
Top Member of U.S. Negotiating Team: Most West Bank Housing Tenders Announced During Peace Talks Were on Land Abbas Agreed Would Remain Israeli2015-May-13
Israel Believes Washington Did Not Maximize Its Leverage with Iran 2015-April-07
The Palestinian Authority's International Criminal Court Gambit: A True Partner for Peace?2015-February-05
The Palestinians Go to the ICC: Policy Implications 2015-January-07
Trust, But Clarify2013-October-02
If Bombs Hit Damascus, Israel Looks to Tehran 2013-August-29
Palestinians Need Tough Talk from Europe2013-June-17
Tests Ahead for New Palestinian Prime Minister 2013-June-05
Iran's Nuclear Games Demand a Tougher U.S. Approach2013-May-28
Stalled Arab Peace Initiative Reaffirmed2013-May-03
The Fayad Resignation: Scapegoating a State-Builder2013-April-17
Obama, Israelis, and Palestinians: More Words, Less Action2013-January-16
How Prominent Will Israeli-Palestinian Peacemaking Be in Obama's Second Term? 2012-December-20
U.S. and Israel Must Work Together to Prevent Iran Nukes2012-November-09
The Case for Humility 2012-October-03
Preventing an Iranian Nuclear Breakout: U.S.-Israel Coordination2012-September-27
The Silent Strike: How Israel Bombed a Syrian Nuclear Installation and Kept It Secret 2012-September-10
The U.S. Can Meet Israel Halfway on Iran2012-April-02
Military Strike on Iran: Are Obama and Netanyahu Now on the Same Page?2012-March-07
Friendship Under Fire 2012-February-23
Expect No Breakthrough in Israel-PA Negotiations during U.S. Election Year2012-January-13
Freeing Gilad Shalit: The Cost to Israel2011-October-17
After the Quartet Statement: Is Abbas the Odd Man Out? 2011-October-03
Why the UN Cannot Create Palestine2011-September-26
Egypt Crisis Fortifies U.S., Israel Ties2011-September-14
The Palestinian Bid for UN Membership2011-September-12

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