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David Ignatius

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Biden Won't Remove Iran's Revolutionary Guard from Terror List2022-April-11
Biden Should Consider "Creative Passivity" in the Middle East 2020-December-17
Bahrain's Diplomatic Agreement with Israel Is a Building Block toward Middle East Stability 2020-September-14
How the Coronavirus Is Changing How We Think about Warfare2020-April-10
If the Palestinians Reject the U.S. Peace Plan, What's Their Alternative?2020-January-30
Hizbullah Had Been Nearly Untouchable in Lebanon. But the People Are Fighting Back.2019-November-04
Instead of Thanks, Syrian Kurdish Militia, a U.S. Ally, Faces More Threats2019-July-26
The Khashoggi Killing Had Roots in a Cutthroat Saudi Family Feud2018-November-28
How Peace Keeps Receding in the Middle East 2018-September-21
Are Saudi Arabia's Reforms for Real? 2018-March-02
How to Tackle the Biggest Obstacle to Finishing the War with the Islamic State 2018-February-20
The Iranian Regime Can't Keep Winning Forever 2018-January-05
We Ignore Iran Cyber Attacks at Our Peril2017-December-27
The Future of U.S. Intervention in Syria2017-September-01
A Game-Changer for Middle East Peace?2017-August-25
America Can Succeed Militarily in the Mideast - ISIS' Defeat in Mosul Tells Us How2017-July-14
As the Islamic State Falls in Syria 2017-July-03
People in the Middle East Have Learned to Be Wary of American Promises2016-October-27
U.S. Built Syria Plans on Fault Line of Turkish-Kurdish Enmity2016-September-05
A Reality Check on the Middle East from America's Spy Chief2016-July-25
The Omani "Back Channel" to Iran and the Secrecy Surrounding the Nuclear Deal2016-June-10
Can Assad Keep Crossing the "Red Line"? 2016-May-16
America's Top Intelligence Official: "The U.S. Can't Fix the Middle East"2016-May-11
The Islamic State Is Still on the Rise2016-February-08
The U.S. Must Not Accede to Iran's "Red Lines" 2015-June-26
Capture of Ramadi a Setback for U.S.2015-May-20
The Delicate Path Ahead on Iran2015-April-08
Any Deal Will Have to Address the Concerns Netanyahu Voiced2015-March-04
Why Netanyahu Broke Publicly with Obama over Iran2015-February-20
U.S. Slow to Support Iraqi Tribes in Fight Against Islamic State 2014-December-26
Stopping an Awakening in Iraq Before It Can Start2014-November-21
Wishful Thinking in U.S. Plans Against the Islamic State2014-October-29
U.S. War Strategy Takes Shape2014-September-24
U.S. Director of National Intelligence: We Underestimated the Islamic State's "Will to Fight"2014-September-19
U.S. Intelligence Officials Assess Islamic State Threat2014-August-15
Kerry's Blunder in Seeking an Israel-Gaza Cease-Fire2014-July-29
ISIS Head Is a Terrorist with Gang-Leader Charisma2014-June-25
The Return of Al-Qaeda2014-June-11
The Mideast Peace Process Is in Tatters2014-May-16
A Nightmare Group in Syria Could Target the U.S.2014-May-15
Closer, But Still No Deal on Iran2014-April-23
Obama Appears Ready to Expand Covert Assistance to Syrian Opposition2014-March-28
A Stronger Western Effort to Back the Syrian Rebels2014-February-19
John Kerry, a Secretary on a Mission2014-February-10
Iran's Fingerprints in Fallujah2014-January-09
Iran's Hard-Liners Resist Nuclear Deal2013-December-18
Iran - The Next Stage2013-November-28
The Shape of an Iran Deal2013-November-08
The U.S.-Saudi Crackup Reaches a Dramatic Tipping Point 2013-October-25
Israel Distances Itself from Diplomatic Confrontation with Turkey 2013-October-23

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