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Daniel Pipes

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A Million Moderate Muslims on the March 2007-May-11
Reviving Hitler's "Big Lie" to Vilify the Jewish State2007-May-03
Yes, There Is a Moderate Islam - Let's Support It 2007-April-20
Daniel in the Lions' Den2007-February-20
Moderate Islam May Be Key to Winning War on Terror 2006-December-08
The Vatican Confronts Islam2006-July-07
Exploring the Strength of Ties to Jerusalem 2006-June-21
Daniel Pipes: "The Elimination of Israel Is a Consensus Goal Among 80% of Palestinians" 2006-June-15
Deterring Teheran 2006-May-10
Experts View Hamas' Victory2006-February-03
Why Hamas Leaves Me Neutral 2006-February-02
Don't Deal with Terrorists 2006-January-26
Winning the Propaganda War 2005-December-28
"Working Undercover as Christian Peace Activists"? 2005-December-02
Unique Learning Opportunity2005-November-18
Reflections on the Revolution in France2005-November-09
Bush Declares War on Radical Islam2005-October-12
British Islamists Threatened Violence2005-July-08
Muslim Countries Need Civil Society Before Elections 2005-June-23
Jihad Through History2005-June-01
"The Hell of Israel Is Better than the Paradise of Arafat"2005-May-11
Hamas vs. America2005-May-03
"The Hell of Israel Is Better than the Paradise of Arafat" 2005-April-21
What Islamic Schools Are Teaching2005-April-01
Can Hizballah and Hamas Be Democratic?2005-March-24
What Can Go Wrong2005-March-09
Palestinian Word Games2005-January-07
Identifying Moderate Muslims2004-November-24
Arafat's Last Threat to Israel2004-November-10
Empirical Hubris: How "Anonymous" Disguises the Real Threat to the West and Damages the CIA2004-September-13
Avoiding the T-Word2004-September-10
Iraq's Dwindling Christians2004-August-25
The Saudis' Covert PR Campaign 2004-August-11
A Pillar of the U.S. Muslim Community2004-August-04
The 9/11 Commission Findings: An Accurate Definition of the Enemy 2004-July-28
Hit Squads and Sleeper Cells2004-May-20
Europe En Route to Islamic Takeover2004-May-14
The End of American Jewry's Golden Era2004-April-30
Palestinians Finally Realizing Terrorism Backfires2004-April-23
Columbia University Probing Mideast Studies2004-April-16
Capturing Bin Laden Isn't Enough2004-March-12
Islamic Law Rules in Iraq2004-March-10
About Those Settlements2004-February-10
Explaining Islamic Terror 2004-January-21
Reading Sharon's Mind2003-December-24
The EU Anti-Semitism Study and Its Implications2003-December-10
Bush and a Democratic Middle East 2003-November-14
Deadly Denial2003-October-31
Pentagon Jihadis2003-October-02

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