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Council on Foreign Relations

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The Palestinian Authority Continues to Reward Terrorists2023-September-28
The Real Story of the 1953 Iranian Coup 2023-August-24
Is It Time to Reduce U.S. Military Aid to Israel?2023-August-17
U.S. Interference in Israel's Internal Affairs 2023-July-17
As Israel Turns 75, Foreign Affairs Publishes a Call to Eliminate It2023-May-11
Obama Administration Disavowed Agreement that Biden Administration Claims Israel Violated2023-March-27
Iranian Nationalists Reject the Regime2023-February-16
Ground Rules for U.S.-Israel Relations2023-January-12
Why Iran's Protests Could Topple the Regime2022-December-15
Iran's Hard-Liners Are Starting to Crack2022-November-03
A Second Iranian Revolution?2022-October-27
A Chance to Restore American Dignity in Iran2022-October-03
Palestinians Want Full UN Membership, but U.S. Law Stands in the Way2022-August-18
EU to Renew Annual Foreign Ministers Dialogue with Israel 2022-July-21
The Dangers of a Terrorist-Controlled West Bank2022-July-21
Traveling to Israel Has Forced Biden to Confront the Iranian Nuclear Issue2022-July-18
The U.S. Fixation on the "Two-State Solution"2022-June-13
Where It Counts, the Effort to Boycott Israel Doesn't Even Register2022-May-26
Removing Sanctions on Iran's Revolutionary Guards Is Pure Strategic Folly 2022-April-11
Is the West Saving the Ayatollahs?2022-April-04
Israeli Experts Oppose a Formal Defense Alliance with the U.S.2022-March-17
A New Iran Deal Means Old Chaos 2022-February-21
Amnesty International Joins the Anti-Israel Jackals 2022-February-03
A Narrow Agreement on Iran Nukes Would Be a Disaster2022-January-13
U.S.: Iran Nuclear Talks "Not Going Well"2021-December-20
Abraham Accords Herald a New Normal for Israel, Arab Allies2021-December-13
Algeria Confronts Europe and the West over Gas and the Western Sahara2021-November-15
Iran Won't Stop until It Has a Nuclear Weapon 2021-October-21
The Fall of Afghanistan Will Strengthen the Abraham Accords 2021-August-19
African Union Commission Chairman Defends Move to Admit Israel as Observer State 2021-August-12
Open a U.S. Consulate to the PA in Ramallah, Not in Israel's Capital2021-July-29
In Ebrahim Raisi, Iran's Clerics Have Promoted Their Ruthless Enforcer2021-June-28
It's Time to Free the Palestinians from Hamas - and Iran2021-June-10
The Intelligentsia's Craven Silence in the Face of Anti-Semitism Is Unforgivable2021-May-27
Can Palestinian Politics Replace Violence and Terror? 2021-May-27
Will Biden-Backed Anti-Terror Law Complicate U.S.-Palestinian Ties? 2021-April-08
The Next Bad Idea: A PLO Office in Washington2021-March-29
Returning to the Iran Nuclear Deal Is Not a Simple Prospect2021-March-18
Behind the Israel-Arab Normalization Deals2021-January-21
Is J Street Misrepresenting Its Real Mission? 2021-January-11
What Fakhrizadeh's Killing Says about the Durability of the Islamic Republic of Iran 2020-December-10
Palestinian Leadership Continues Extreme Position Against Peace2020-November-30
Sunni Arab Leaders Are More Concerned with Tehran's Designs than Palestinian Aspirations2020-November-19
Europe Must Stand United Against All Extremism: Hamas, Hizbullah and Muslim Brotherhood 2020-November-12
Sudanese Official: Normalizing Ties with Israel Is a Gain for Sudan2020-October-29
The Arab World Is Having a Jewish Revolution 2020-October-01
Video: Making an Impaired Peace Process Work2020-August-06
U.S.: Any Extension of Iran Arms Embargo Should Be Open-Ended2020-June-18
Europeans Pushing to Boycott Israel over Annexation Should Think Twice2020-June-11
Moves to Extend Israeli Sovereignty to Parts of West Bank Shouldn't Have Come as a Surprise. It Is, after all, the Cradle of Judaism 2020-May-12

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