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Book Review: Why the U.S. Cannot Easily Disengage from the Middle East 2008-July-18
Indyk: Bush Seemed Uninvolved in His Own Peace Conference2007-November-29
Gathering Israelis and Arabs May Have Been the Real Feat2007-November-28
Peace Process Is Really About Iran2007-November-06
Israeli Strike on Syria Kindles Debate in U.S.2007-October-10
Israel, U.S. Shared Data on Suspected Nuclear Site, Bush Was Told of North Korean Presence in Syria 2007-September-21
U.S. to Make New Push for Mideast Deal2007-August-17
In the Debate Over Iran, More Calls for a Tougher U.S. Stance2007-August-09
Indyk: "Bush Hasn't the Time to Reach an Accord"2007-August-03
Al-Qaeda Targets France2007-June-15
A "Two-State Solution," Palestinian-Style 2007-June-15
Al-Qaeda's Terrorist Threat to UNIFIL2007-June-15
U.S. Cool to International Force for Gaza2007-June-14
A Saudi Prince Tied to Bush Is Sounding Off-Key2007-April-30
Al-Qaeda Strikes Back2007-April-26
Hizbullah and Al-Qaeda2007-April-13
Containing the Spillover from an Iraqi Civil War 2007-February-16
Assad's Olive Branch Can Bear No Fruit 2006-December-28
Don't Count on Iran to Pick Up the Pieces 2006-December-08
Brookings: Iraqi Insurgents Number 20,000+, 800-2,000 Are Foreign Fighters 2006-November-16
Quartet Ponders Role as Mideast Peace Hopes Crumble 2006-May-05
The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy2006-March-21
Iran Military Options Open2006-March-10
In the Mideast, the Third Way Is a Myth2006-February-17
Gaza: Go Your Own Way 2005-December-02
Iraq's a Lost Cause?2005-November-25
Civilian Toll in Iraq Reaches Nearly 25,0002005-July-20
Understanding Iran's Nuclear Agenda2005-June-02
Pro-Israel Lobby Weathers Espionage Allegations, Gains Support2005-May-24
Pro-Israel Lobby Weathers Espionage Allegations, Gains Support2005-May-24
Springtime for Hamas2005-April-25
Confronting Passive Sponsors of Terrorism2005-March-11
Seizing the Moment in Israeli-Palestinian Relations: How to Sustain the Cease-Fire and Revitalize the Road Map2005-March-10
Iran Trying to Foil Peace Prospects, Israeli Envoy Charges2004-December-02
A Growing Muslim Identity2004-July-16
An Alliance of Democracies2004-May-24
Saudi Arabia Refashions Its Soul2004-May-07
Middle East on the Potomac2004-April-30
Israel's National Security Doctrine After the Fall of Saddam2004-April-13
U.S. Avoided Attacking Terrorist Mastermind2004-March-05
America and the Middle East After Saddam 2004-January-05
Saudi Arabia's Big Leap2003-October-24
U.S. Sees Life in Mideast Road Map2003-September-04
Hussein Scores in Propaganda War2003-March-25
Building a Better World: One Path from Crisis to Opportunity 2002-September-11
Imprisoned PFLP Head Shubaki "Still Cooperating with Saddam"2002-September-10
Emerging from the Israeli-Palestinian Crisis2002-July-19
Arafat Losing His Grip2002-July-17
Jordan's King Abdallah Calls for PA Reforms 2002-May-15

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