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Can an American President Promise Preventive War to Assuage an Ally?2012-March-05
Obama Administration Takes Back Seat on Iran Sanctions2012-February-20
Muslim Brotherhood Stepping Out of the Shadows2012-January-31
End the Farcical Arab League Mission in Syria 2012-January-19
Panetta: Time for Israel to "Take Bold Action" for Peace2011-December-05
The 2011 Arab Public Opinion Poll2011-November-24
How Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Will Win2011-November-04
What to Expect from the New Saudi Crown Prince2011-November-04
Looks Like that Iranian Plot Was Real After All2011-October-31
The Likely Next Saudi King2011-October-25
Militants Aided by Iran Fired at American Forces in Iraq 2011-October-14
Egyptians Turn Against Liberal Protesters2011-August-03
Getting Serious in Syria 2011-August-01
Hizbullah's Triumph and Agony2011-July-25
Amid the Arab Spring, Obama's Dilemma over Saudi Arabia2011-April-08
The Arab Democracy Paradox2011-March-10
Changing the Middle East Status Quo2011-March-04
Outsiders Assist in Bahrain Crackdown 2011-February-18
Bin Laden's Nightmare in Egypt2011-February-16
Could al-Qaeda Hijack Egypt's Revolution?2011-February-10
U.S.: There Is No Alternative to Negotiations2010-December-13
Attitudes Toward the Middle East Peace Process: Surveys of Arab and Jewish Opinion in Israel and Public Opinion in the U.S.2010-December-10
U.S. Abandons Push for Renewal of Israeli Settlement Freeze2010-December-08
WikiLeaks and the Arabs 2010-December-03
The Latest Al-Qaeda Alarms 2010-October-04
For Once, Hope in the Middle East2010-August-27
What We Think and What the Arabs Believe 2010-August-25
Al-Qaeda Plans for Israel War2010-August-19
Indyk: U.S. More Likely than Israel to Bomb Iran2010-August-17
U.S. Official: Israel Faces Growing Threat as Foes Improve Rockets2010-July-19
A Quiet Diplomacy on the Mideast Peace Path 2010-July-02
When Your Best Friend Gets Angry 2010-April-21
Are Iran's Oil Reserves Its Trump Card?2010-March-09
Video Killer Thriller in Dubai2010-February-25
Sanctioning Iran: If Only It Were So Simple2009-December-18
The Coming Failure on Iran2009-October-05
Clinton: "We Have No Appetite for Talks Without Action"2009-September-21
Iranian Missiles in South America? The Emerging Axis of Iran and Venezuela 2009-September-09
U.S., Europe Discount New Iran Proposal2009-September-02
Taliban Buying Children for Suicide Bombers2009-July-03
Hizbullah Seen as Bigger Threat to U.S. than Al-Qaeda 2009-June-26
Netanyahu Offers Obama Room to Maneuver2009-June-15
Arab Public Opinion Poll: Chavez Most Admired World Leader2009-May-28
Beyond Gaza2009-February-13
When the Gaza Dust Settles 2009-January-14
How to Win Islam Over2008-December-25
Iran Uses Negotiations to Play for Time2008-December-10
Washington Think-Tanks Call for Shifting U.S. Focus from Iraq2008-December-04
Myths about Islam in Europe 2008-September-17
Arab States Awash in Oil Money, Will It Destroy Them? 2008-July-18

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