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Allies Behaving Badly: Where Is the White House Headed on Israel?2015-March-26
The Negotiations with Iran Are About the Future of the Middle East2015-March-17
Deterring an Iranian Nuclear Breakout2015-February-27
Nuclear Deal with Tehran Will Not Eliminate All Threats 2015-February-18
Obama's Latest Outreach to Iran's Supreme Leader2014-November-10
U.S.-Led Coalition Targeting Islamic State Is Beset by Strategic Differences 2014-October-15
How America Can Help Stabilize the Middle East 2014-September-18
ISIS Fight Raises Fears that Efforts to Curb Iran Will Slip2014-September-12
Destroy the Islamic State Now 2014-August-21
Israel Finds Silent Backing by Arab Nations Hostile to Hamas2014-August-15
Arabs See Gaza War Stoppage as Hamas Victory Despite Destruction2014-August-08
The New Middle East War: A Single Conflict from Baghdad to Beirut2014-July-03
Martin Indyk, U.S. Mideast Envoy, Steps Down2014-June-30
The Iranian Strategy: Interminable Negotiations2014-June-20
The U.S. Should Not Cooperate with Iran on Iraq 2014-June-18
Why the Peace Process Will Continue2014-May-21
The Right Way to Press Iran2014-May-07
For Extremists in Syria, Extortion Brings Piles of Cash2014-April-23
How Vladimir Putin Sees the Middle East2014-March-27
The Personal Touch in Arab-Israeli Diplomacy: Amb. Samuel W. Lewis2014-March-14
Pentagon Study Finds Agencies Ill Equipped to Detect Foreign Nuclear Efforts 2014-January-27
Can Iran Become a Cooperative Partner in Regional Security?2014-January-16
The Test for Diplomacy with Iran 2014-January-02
Containment, Not Prevention, Is the Real U.S. Policy on Iranian Nukes 2013-December-10
Obama: A Verifiable, Diplomatic Solution for Iran Is Preferred2013-December-09
Netanyahu: International Community Must Demand a Change in Iran's Policy toward Israel2013-December-09
The Hidden Cost of the Iranian Nuclear Deal 2013-November-25
U.S. Relations with Allies in Free Fall2013-November-20
Israel Reacts with Alarm at What Its Leadership Sees as a Bad Deal 2013-November-13
Jihadists See Syria Insurgency as the Road to Jerusalem2013-October-16
Big Challenges Remain on Iran 2013-October-02
Doubts Emerge about Assad's Control of Syria's Chemical Weapons 2013-September-11
Al-Qaeda's Comeback2013-August-02
Kerry's Mideast Announcement 2013-July-22
U.S. Ospreys and Air Tankers Put Iran in Israel's Reach2013-June-28
Kerry's Improbable Peace Process Lacks Israeli and Palestinian Buy-In2013-June-06
5,000 Hizbullah Troops in Syria, with 5,000 More to Join Them 2013-May-27
Is Egypt's Government Getting More Islamist? 2013-May-16
Lessons of the Syrian Reactor 2013-April-26
The Arab Uprisings and the Rebirth of the Shia-Sunni Divide 2013-April-17
U.S.-Israel Security Ties as Close as Ever 2013-March-05
U.S. Needs to Show Egypt Some Tough Love2013-February-21
EU Will Soon List Hizbullah as Terrorist Group2012-December-19
After the Election, Obama Faces Iran2012-November-08
Answers to Questions about Iran, Israel, Bibi and Obama2012-September-05
Prince Bandar: New Saudi Spy Chief 2012-July-25
Should the U.S. Consider Cutting Military Aid to Egypt?2012-July-04
Brother Number One 2012-June-08
Iran Seeks a Lifting of Sanctions in Upcoming Talks 2012-May-11
The Anarchy Factor in Syria 2012-May-03

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