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Amir Taheri

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Getting Iraq's Election Right2004-November-25
Suha Triggers Power Struggle2004-November-09
Rethinking the Intifada2004-October-15
The Muslim "Debate" on Hostage-Taking and Beheading2004-October-08
The 25-Year U.S.-Iran War2004-August-20
Censoring the Olympics2004-August-17
Wrong 9/11 Questions2004-July-30
A Third Intifada2004-July-22
Arab States Fan Fires in Iraq2004-July-09
Arab Media Report Victory Over U.S.2004-June-23
The Black-Red Alliance in Europe2004-June-11
Arab States Fan Fires in Iraq2004-June-09
Arabia's Deficit of Hope2004-May-28
Who Rules Iran?2004-April-02
Rethinking the Arab World in Cairo2004-March-16
Tehran Terrorfest 2004-January-30
Who the Coalition is Facing in Iraq 2004-January-02
A Message to the Mullahs2003-December-29
Can Ghadafi Be Trusted?2003-December-23
Iran Alone Has 30,000 Political Prisoners2003-November-27
Iran Alone Has 30,000 Political Prisoners2003-November-27
Al-Qaeda's Agenda for Iraq2003-September-05
Documents Reveal How Saddam Paid Off Journalists, Politicians, and Demonstrators2003-August-21
The Arab Islamist Movement in Crisis2003-July-04
Pan-Arabism in Steep Decline2003-May-19
Saudi Shi'ites Support Dynasty Over Radicals 2003-May-19
Saudi Shi'ites Support Dynasty Over Radicals 2003-May-19
Syria's Leadership will Keep the Dogs of War at Bay2003-April-17
The Iraqi Army Decided Not to Fight2003-April-10
Regime Change Tipsheet2003-March-28
Meanwhile, in Teheran2003-March-21
Perles of Wisdom2003-March-19
Saddam's War Plan2003-March-17
Does Iraq Have a Fighting Army? 2003-March-07
"Old Europe" Feeds Hussein's Suicidal Fantasy 2003-February-28
The Great Arab League Break-Up2003-February-07
Saddam Hussein's Delusion2002-November-14
The Arabs' Crocodile Tears for Saddam2002-September-17
Hostility to Arafat Grows Among the Palestinians2002-May-20
Semantics of Murder2002-May-09

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