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Amir Taheri

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The Undeclared War with Iran Is Far from Over 2007-April-06
Hostage Gambit2007-March-28
Iran: The Radical Wins Again2007-March-01
Terror Turnabout: Iran Attacked 2007-February-16
Is Israel the Problem?2007-February-02
Iran Is Testing America 2007-January-25
Facing Iran: Arabs See No Choice But War2007-January-12
Wounded But Alive: Could Ahmadinejad Become More Dangerous?2006-December-26
Imperialist Iran Imitates Ambitions of Ancient Persia2006-December-20
Getting Serious About Iran: For Regime Change 2006-November-06
The "Iranization" of Syria 2006-November-03
Making Sense of Ahmadinejad 2006-September-08
Hizballah Didn't Win2006-August-25
The Palestinians Lose (Again)2006-August-24
Lebanon : The Myth of Hizballah's Victory 2006-August-22
God's Army Has Plans to Run the Whole Middle East2006-July-25
The Perils of Engagement with Iran2006-May-09
Why the World Should Take Ahmadinejad Seriously 2006-April-18
The Frightening Truth of Why Iran Wants a Bomb2006-April-17
Understanding Ahmadinejad's Letter to Bush 2006-April-15
Mideast Dictators Try to Wait Bush Out2006-March-31
U.S. Outreach to Iran: A Wise Choice?2006-March-22
Hijacking Islam2006-February-14
Bonfire of the Pieties 2006-February-08
Iran's Nukes, Europe's Follies2006-January-20
Peace Requires the Victor to Claim Victory 2006-January-09
Democracy Is Alive and Well in Iraq2005-December-27
Not Just Israel's Problem 2005-December-23
What the West Offers Islam 2005-November-22
Whose New Middle East? 2005-November-11
Iran's Perilously Honest Man 2005-November-09
Why Paris is Burning2005-November-07
Iran's Rage2005-November-01
Why the UN Can't Fix Syria2005-October-27
The Whole Arab World Needs to Watch This Trial2005-October-19
Are Arabs Anti-American? 2005-October-07
The Perils of Post-Pullout Gaza2005-September-15
The Return of the Sunnis 2005-September-02
The Return of the Sunnis2005-September-02
A Clash of Civilizations2005-August-30
Sweating It in Syria 2005-August-02
And This Is Why They Did It2005-July-08
The Prez and the Hit Squad 2005-July-06
The West's Next Mistake? 2005-May-17
Syria's Road to Freedom2005-March-11
Now Iraq Has Tasted Democracy, the Arab Tyrants Are Shaking in their Shoes2005-February-18
Arabs Finally Face Terror2005-February-08
Abbas: Everybody's Second Choice2005-January-06
Time to Pull the Plug?2004-December-31
What If It's Not Israel They Loathe?2004-December-03

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