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Amir Taheri

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Tehran Believes the U.S. Has Already Accepted a Nuclear-Armed Iran 2009-July-29
Former Iranian President Rafsanjani Offers Compromise 2009-July-20
Ahmadinejad Unwelcome in Parts of Iran2009-July-02
The Fight for Iran's Future Is Far From Over 2009-June-30
The Iranian Protests2009-June-22
The Fight over Iran's Future Is Only Beginning2009-June-22
Iran's Clarifying Election2009-June-16
The Mideast Nuclear Arms Scramble 2009-May-15
As the U.S. Retreats, Iran Fills the Void2009-May-05
The Women Who Terrify Iran's Mullahs2009-April-27
Iran Has Started a Mideast Arms Race2009-March-23
Iran: A Normal Nation or a Vehicle for Universal Messianic Revolution?2009-February-12
No Way Forward While the Hamas Hydra Lives2009-January-11
The Clock Is Ticking towards the Khomeinist Nuclear Bomb 2009-January-07
Lebanon's Choice: Side with the West or Iran2008-December-22
Syria Massing Troops on Lebanon Border 2008-October-02
Al-Qaeda's Sinister Creep into North Africa 2008-July-31
Talking to Iran - A Dubious Mission 2008-July-22
Al-Qaeda's Plan B 2008-July-03
Why Iran Will Get Nuclear Weapons 2008-June-17
Iranian Jailed for Outing the Mullah Mafia2008-June-16
The Problem with Talking to Iran 2008-May-29
Behind the Israel-Syria Talks2008-May-23
Iran's Winning Latin Power Play 2008-May-02
Basra "Uprising" Was Iranian Operation 2008-April-11
Signs of Iran in Battle for Basra 2008-April-01
The Sunni-Shiite Terror Network2008-March-31
Revolutionary Guards Post Gains in Iranian Elections2008-March-20
Iran's Election Choice: Military or Military 2008-March-14
Ahmadinejad's Iraq Debacle2008-March-10
Islam at the Ballot Box2008-February-21
Iran Purges Moderate Parliament Members2008-January-29
The Revolt of Iran's Turkmen Minority 2008-January-15
Dubya's Real Mideast Agenda2008-January-09
Islamists Are Not About to Seize Power in Pakistan 2008-January-03
Bhutto Opposed Transforming Pakistan into an "Islamic State" 2007-December-31
What U.S. Intelligence Missed on Iran Nukes2007-December-10
Who Are Iran's Revolutionary Guards? 2007-November-15
Haggling Over an Unwoven Carpet2007-November-09
Iran's Elite Mixes Thugs and Opportunists2007-August-30
Iran Just Carried Out the Largest Wave of Executions Since 19842007-August-06
Iranian "Brain Drain"2007-August-02
Turkey Still Divided about What Kind of Country It Wants to Be2007-July-24
Government Abducts "Iran's Lech Walesa"2007-July-13
Iran's Regional Ambitions: Implications for Israel, Iraq, and the Gulf States2007-July-11
"Islamophobia" Idiocy2007-July-04
Gaza: Tehran's Greater Game2007-June-21
Syria's Deception2007-May-21
Iran's Economic Crisis2007-May-09
"Israel Won the War Against Hizbullah"2007-May-04

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