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On the Precipice of a Very Bad Iran Deal2022-August-29
Lessons from a Short War in Gaza 2022-August-11
My Synagogue's Anti-Semitism Tax2022-May-26
Behind the Uptick in Terror Attacks in Israel 2022-May-16
Gulf Arab Countries Copying Qatar in Hedging Against U.S. Power; Iran Is Thrilled2022-May-09
The U.S. Can't Just Quit the Middle East2022-March-31
The Taliban Victory Is a Gift to Iran 2021-September-30
Why the Biden Administration Shouldn't Rush into a New Iran Deal2021-June-07
Iran's Satellite Program Is All about Missiles2021-February-11
How Iran Could Get Nuclear Weapons2021-January-21
Biden Should Be in No Hurry to Change Iran Policy2020-December-10
Iran: Why Now Is Not the Time to Abandon Maximum Pressure2020-December-10
Has Hizbullah Become the Middle East's Weak Horse?2020-December-03
Iranian Security Forces Expand Local Presence to Deter Dissent2020-October-05
Pompeo: U.S. Could Make Moves Against International Criminal Court in "Coming Days"2020-June-02
The Coronavirus Won't Kill the Islamic Republic 2020-April-10
The Big Iran Threat Is Nukes, Not Coronavirus2020-March-11
Uncovering the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Order of Battle 2020-January-23
Confronting a Dangerous Iranian Regime Likely to Lead to a Better Outcome2020-January-10
The Decision to Kill Soleimani Was Reasonable and Defensible 2020-January-10
Erdogan Has Remade Turkey 2019-December-05
How Saudi Arabia Failed to Protect Itself from Drone and Missile Attacks 2019-September-20
U.S. Defense Experts Analyze Iranian Behavior2019-July-29
Why Israel Must Act Unilaterally to Defend Itself2019-March-27
The U.S. Has Wasted Billions of Dollars on Failed Arab Armies 2019-February-04
Turkey's Turn Against the U.S.2018-August-31
Iran's Nuclear Deal Was Doomed from the Start2018-May-11
Iran Is Trying to Sabotage Morocco 2018-May-04
Why Push Back on Iran? 2018-May-03
The Coming Conflict between Iran and Israel2018-February-16
U.S. Support for UNRWA Has Gone On Long Enough2018-January-17
Jerusalem Is Israel's Capital2017-December-22
To Counter Tehran's Influence, Start with Iraq and Syria 2017-November-21
Kirkuk Was Not an Iranian Defeat of America2017-October-23
Iranian Leaders Concerned over Kurdish Referendum 2017-September-28
Considerations on U.S. Policy towards Iran2017-September-06
Experts Concerned about North Korean Nuclear Precedent for Iran 2017-August-15
Iran Brags about Killing Americans2017-August-03
India Gives Israel a Firm Embrace2017-July-07
Iran Won in Lebanon2017-June-29
Leakers Who Revealed Israel as Intelligence Source Did Far More Damage than Trump2017-May-24
A New Strategy Against ISIS and Al-Qaeda2017-March-16
Does Iran Really Respect Jews?2017-March-16
Whitewashing Rafsanjani's Record2017-January-10
Obama's Parting Betrayal of Israel2016-December-27
Don't Exaggerate Shiite Militia Threat 2016-December-09
Congress Renews U.S. Sanctions Law on Iran 2016-December-02
A Look into the Mind of 9/11's Mastermind2016-November-29
Trump Can't Walk Away from Iran Deal, But Could Still Get Tough2016-November-14
Supreme Leader's Adviser Emphasizes Iran's Export of the Islamic Revolution2016-November-03

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