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Aaron David Miller

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Veteran U.S. Peace-Processors Seek to Thwart Israeli Democracy2022-December-01
Confrontation between Biden and New Israeli Government Seems Unlikely2022-November-10
Israel Signals Confidence in Its Relationship with Biden 2021-November-22
Palestinian Authority Critic Says Armed Faction Threatened to Kill Him 2021-April-08
Experts View Post-Election U.S.-Israel Relationship 2020-November-12
Maybe We Peace Process Veterans Were Wrong 2020-September-24
How Israel and the Arab World Are Making Peace Without a Peace Deal2020-May-28
Some Uncomfortable Truths about U.S. Policy in Syria 2019-October-23
U.S. Arranges Secret Talks between Israel, UAE over Iran2019-August-16
Peace Process Veterans See Growing Israeli-Arab Alignment in Warsaw2019-February-15
No, Israel and America Aren't Breaking Up 2019-January-29
Getting America Out of Syria2019-January-04
It Wasn't Possible for America to Compete with Russia, Iran and Turkey to Impact Syria's Future2018-December-24
Progress without Peace in the Israeli-Arab Conflict 2018-November-02
Reinventing the U.S. Approach to the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict 2018-September-21
Former U.S. Peace Negotiator: Conditions for Israeli-Palestinian Peace Are Not Present2018-April-27
No Israeli-Palestinian Agreement on Core Issues2017-July-21
Five Myths about 1967 that Just Won't Die2017-June-06
Trump's Middle East Strategy and Its Chances for Success2017-May-22
The New Middle East Peace Process 2017-March-17
Can the U.S. Mobilize Key Sunni Arab States?2017-March-10
How Trump Can Take on Iran (Without Sparking War)2017-February-17
The Two-State Solution after Kerry's Speech 2017-January-05
Former Middle East Negotiator: U.S. Abstention at UN "Ill-Advised"2016-December-27
UN Resolution Condemning Israel Could Backfire2016-December-25
Israelis Called Trump Only After Failing to Persuade Obama on UN Veto2016-December-23
Egyptian and Israeli Cold Peace Has Never Been Warmer 2016-December-16
Why Carter's Call for U.S. to Recognize State of Palestine Is a Mistake2016-December-01
Moving Forward on Iran: A Policy for the Next U.S. Administration2016-November-09
As the U.S. Loses Regional Clout, Iran Expands Its Ambitions 2016-August-24
Enduring Myths about U.S. Middle East Policy 2016-August-03
Why U.S. Diplomacy Can't Fix the Middle East 2016-June-06
Don't Expect Much from the French Summit on Middle East Peace 2016-June-02
Is the Status Quo between Israelis and Palestinians Sustainable?2016-May-24
Essential Middle East Truths 2016-May-18
U.S. and Saudi Arabia, Trapped in a Bad Marriage2016-April-28
What If Israel Had Given Up the Golan Heights? A Lesson for Syria's Crisis 2016-April-18
Israel Is Here to Stay2016-April-13
Obama Is Right: America Can't Fix the Middle East2016-March-15
There's No Will in Washington to Own Syria2016-March-07
Moderation in Iran? Don't Get Your Hopes Up 2016-February-29
The Problem with ISIS2016-February-19
America's Awkward Iran Dance2016-February-04
In Response to French Plan, U.S. Continues to Support Direct Israeli-Palestinian Talks2016-February-01
Is the U.S. Tilting toward Iran?2016-January-06
U.S. Responsibility for Problems in Mideast Is Limited2016-January-04
ISIS Is Only One Piece of Syria's Extremist Puzzle2015-December-24
Does the World Need a Weak or Failing Palestinian State? 2015-December-04
Inconvenient Truths about the Middle East Peace Process 2015-November-24
With Netanyahu's Visit, Reasons to Expect Smoother U.S.-Israeli Relations 2015-November-09

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