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Netanyahu - "Iran Is Committed to Israel's Destruction"2012-April-23
In Egypt: A Crisis of Confidence 2012-April-19
Egypt: Conflict between Brotherhood, Military Turns into Open Warfare2012-April-16
France Deports Islamist Militants, Imams amid Crackdown2012-April-03
France's Jihadist Shooter Was No Lone Wolf 2012-March-26
French Dis-connection2012-March-22
The Bomb and the Bomber2012-March-22
The Islamic World's Quiet Revolution 2012-March-14
Islamism and the Syrian Uprising2012-March-09
Setting Standards: How the West Should Respond to Political Islam 2012-February-17
Qatar Financing Wahhabi Islam in France, Italy, Ireland and Spain2012-February-10
Putin Stands by Assad: The Last Battle of the Cold War2012-February-01
A Joyless Celebration in Tahrir Square2012-January-31
Muslim Brotherhood Stepping Out of the Shadows2012-January-31
Answering Iran2012-January-27
Egypt Islamists on Eve of Power Ease Talk of Islam2012-January-23
The Muslim Brotherhood's Radical Plan for Egypt 2012-January-12
Taking Energy Independence Seriously2012-January-10
Was the Arab Spring a Victory for Extremism?2011-December-26
Welcome to Cairostan2011-December-23
Israel Is Wide Awake as Decision Time Approaches on Nuclear Iran2011-December-22
Egypt: We've Heard What the Majority Thinks2011-December-07
Islamists' Election Victory in Egypt Leaves Western Predictions in Shambles2011-December-06
Egyptian Journalist: Peace Treaty with Israel Won't Be Revoked2011-December-05
Threats to the West in the Eastern Mediterranean 2011-December-02
Why Egypt's Salafis are Not the Amish2011-December-02
Reading the Arab Elections: Not an Islamist Wave 2011-November-30
Unrest in Egypt, Alarm in Israel 2011-November-25
The Islamic Republic of Egypt?2011-November-25
Moscow Should Rethink Its Iran Policy2011-November-25
The Muslim Brotherhood Spring 2011-November-14
The Muslim Brotherhood's Shrewd Election Tactics2011-November-04
Overhauling U.S. Policy in the Middle East 2011-November-03
Did the Libyan Leadership Deceive the West?2011-October-27
India Too Slow to Recognize Israel as Natural Ally 2011-October-21
What Will Iran Do If Assad Falls?2011-October-14
French Suburbs Becoming "Separate Islamic Societies" 2011-October-11
Israel Extends Its Hand in Peace 2011-September-26
Israel, Egypt, Turkey - Shifting Sands2011-September-21
Why the West Cares about Turkey's Diplomatic Conflict with Israel 2011-September-09
How to Reverse the West's Decline 2011-September-09
New Egypt Troop Presence in Sinai a Gamble for Israel2011-September-01
Gaza Summer Camps Include Political Indoctrination2011-August-10
The Syrian Uprising: Implications for Israel2011-August-09
The Bizarre Alliance Against Israel 2011-August-08
IDF Doesn't View Gaza Rocket Attacks as Real Escalation2011-July-18
Hizbullah and Iran in the Americas2011-July-15
Great Darkness in Egypt2011-July-15
Palestinians Cannot Accept Less than 100 Percent2011-July-15
Hizb ut-Tahrir: Islam Has Replaced Communism as Top U.S. Enemy2011-July-14

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