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Europe Must Join the Fight Against the Iranian Regime2020-June-19
Former U.S. Officials View PA and Jordanian Threats 2020-June-03
The Next Iranian Revolution2020-April-16
Palestinian Islamists Disrupt Attempts at Truce in Gaza 2020-March-12
Jihadi Textbooks in Palestinian Schools Are Funded with 100 Million British Pounds2020-February-25
Where Is the Palestinian Vision of Peace?2020-February-06
Behind the Turkish-Syrian Clash in Idlib 2020-February-06
German Police Raid "Islamists" Suspected of Planning Attack2020-January-14
Iran: A Deepening Loss of Public Trust in the Authorities2020-January-10
Labour's Defeat Has Not Ended Anti-Semitism 2020-January-03
No Sign of Christmas in Gaza 2019-December-25
Indonesian Security Minister Stabbed by ISIS Radical2019-October-11
Paris Police Attacker a Radicalized Islamist, Says French Prosecutor 2019-October-07
Who Killed Musa Sadr?2019-September-27
Hamas Drives Christian Minority Out of Gaza2019-September-25
UN Report Highlights Uptick in Anti-Semitism 2019-September-24
Call to Destroy Israel at Islamist Conference in Turkey2019-September-23
UN: ISIS Has Up to $300 Million in Cash Reserves to Sustain Operations2019-August-14
Israel Is the One Stabilizing Element in the Middle East2019-July-22
Will Palestinian Islamic Jihad Drag Gaza into a War Against Israel?2019-July-05
ISIS Expands in Afghanistan, Threatening West 2019-June-14
A Profile of the Palestinian Youth Generation2019-June-06
The Old Scourge of Anti-Semitism Rises Anew in Europe - Editorial2019-May-28
NATO and Israel Deepen Ties 2019-May-24
Saudi Reform Is Inching in a Positive Direction2019-May-24
Is There Room in Academia for Honest Scholarship on Israel?2019-May-20
Islamophobia - A Weapon to Silence Our Freedom of Speech 2019-May-10
The Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamophobia Trap2019-May-03
Saudi Arabia Is Undergoing a Fundamental Transformation2019-May-02
The Attacks in Sri Lanka and Trends in Salafi Jihadist Activity 2019-May-02
Anti-Semitic Attacks Spike, Killing Most Jews in Decades2019-May-01
Europe Is Burying Its Head in the Sand 2019-April-30
Germany to End Funding of Extreme Pro-Iran Group 2019-April-09
Israeli President: "Gazan People Not Our Enemy, We Have No War with Islam" 2019-April-02
Former Israeli Defense Minister: Israeli-Arab Conflict Is Over 2019-March-13
Time for the U.S. to Recognize Israeli Sovereignty in the Golan Heights2019-March-07
The UK's Hizbullah Ban Is a Victory for Common Sense2019-February-26
What Iran Means to the Arab World2019-February-11
Turkey's Expansionist Policy Exposed 2019-January-31
Mission Impossible? Repairing the Ties between Europe and Israel2019-January-18
Middle East Burden Sharing 2019-January-15
Pompeo in Cairo: America Is a Force for Good in the Middle East2019-January-11
Is Canada's Justin Trudeau the Great Reformer of Islam? 2018-November-23
Israel Ties Warming with Central Asian Countries2018-October-19
How Iran Plans to Take Gaza2018-October-10
Europe Hardens Its Defenses Against Jihadists2018-October-08
U.S. Counterterrorism Strategy Puts New Focus on Iran and Proxies2018-October-05
Progressives for Israel 2018-October-05
Morocco FM: We Need America's Help on Iran2018-September-17
Why Younger Saudis Won't Fund, Facilitate or Fight for a Palestinian State 2018-August-06

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