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China's Strong Words on the Palestinian Issue Are Unlikely to Be Backed Up with Action 2023-January-26
Israeli Defense Minister Condemns Attempts to Present Shooting of Palestinian Attacker "in a False and Manipulative Manner"2022-December-05
Veteran U.S. Peace-Processors Seek to Thwart Israeli Democracy2022-December-01
Don't Try to "Save" Israeli Democracy from Its Voters2022-November-03
Why a Two-State Solution Won't Work2022-October-11
Beyond the Weary Stalemate, Something Is Happening in the Middle East2022-October-06
The U.S. Administration Isn't Listening to Israel on Iran 2022-September-12
Trump Letter Authorized Israeli Sovereignty in West Bank 2022-August-15
The U.S. Fixation on the "Two-State Solution"2022-June-13
Does Anyone Really Understand the Two-State Solution?2022-May-19
UN Middle East Envoy Agrees with Israeli Account of Temple Mount Riots2022-April-28
What Set Off the Palestinian Terror Wave in Israel2022-April-11
Presidents of Turkey and Israel Meet in Ankara2022-March-10
UK Trade Union Congress Opposes a Trade Deal with Israel 2022-March-10
Emirati Official: We Accept Israel as Part of the Region2022-January-24
The Beginning of the End of the Arab-Israeli Conflict?2021-December-30
European Funding for Palestinian NGOs as Political Subcontracting2021-December-30
Iran's Nuclear Enrichment Could Imperil Talks, European Diplomats Say2021-December-02
Hamas Supporters Are Terrorist Sympathizers. The UK Is Right to Punish Them2021-November-22
Does a Palestinian "Right of Return" Exist in International Law?2021-November-22
The Threat of War Is the Only Way to Achieve Peace with Iran2021-November-01
The Abraham Accords: Accomplishments One Year Later2021-September-23
Why U.S. Aid to the PA Will Not Bring Peace 2021-September-09
Palestinians: No Return to Peace Talks under U.S. Leadership2021-August-30
Setting the Agenda for the Bennett-Biden Meeting 2021-August-23
"Pay to Slay" Is the True Face of the "Peace Process" for Israelis and Palestinians 2021-August-16
Real Peace Depends on Recognizing Israel's Right to Exist2021-May-31
We Cannot, and Should Not, Give Hamas Legitimacy 2021-May-31
U.S.: Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process - Not on the Immediate Agenda2021-May-24
Perverse Incentives Discourage Palestinian Leaders from Making Peace2021-May-06
Extremist Anti-Peace Groups Are Exploiting the Palestinian Elections2021-April-22
Biden Is Not Planning to Solve the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict2021-April-08
Biden's Israeli-Palestinian Reset Is Premature, Ill-Advised2021-April-05
How to Bring Peace to the New Middle East2021-April-01
Should Israel Cooperate with the ICC? 2021-April-01
Remembering the Martyred Soviet Jews2021-April-01
Peace Dividend: Widening the Economic Growth and Development Benefits of the Abraham Accords2021-March-22
The U.S. Confers Legitimacy on Hamas2021-March-08
UK Silence over ICC Is Problematic2021-March-04
Senators to Call on Blinken to Take Stronger Action over ICC War Crimes Probe2021-March-01
Middle East Quartet Pushes to Renew Involvement in Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 2021-February-18
Will New Palestinian Elections Strengthen the Radical Camp?2021-February-18
The Return of the Peace Processors2021-February-04
Is J Street Misrepresenting Its Real Mission? 2021-January-11
Israeli Ambassador Urges UK to Move Embassy to Jerusalem 2020-December-28
UN Funding Palestinian Construction in Israeli-Controlled Areas of West Bank 2020-December-10
Dore Gold in Bahrain: "Abraham Accords a Whole New Paradigm for Diplomats"2020-December-07
Biden Will Confront a New Middle East 2020-November-30
Palestinian Leadership Continues Extreme Position Against Peace2020-November-30
Why the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Can't Be Solved2020-November-26

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