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Video: A Changed Saudi Arabia2018-January-03
Turkish Base in Sudan a Problem for Saudi Arabia, Egypt 2018-January-01
Pressure Iran on Regional Terror2017-November-29
Islamists Are a Minority in the Middle East2017-November-22
55 Egyptian Policemen Killed in Raid on Militant Base in Western Desert2017-October-23
Why Real PA Unity Won't Happen 2017-October-19
Israel Bets Against Palestinian Unity 2017-October-06
Qatar Hires Public-Relations Firm to Court American Jews 2017-September-08
Can Political Islam Make It in the Modern World?2017-August-25
The Muslim Brotherhood's Fatal Mistake2017-August-22
Exploiting Islam2017-August-18
Engaging with Islamists: What Makes Us Think It Will Ever Work? 2017-August-18
Erdogan, Haniyeh and Abbas Are Praying for an Intifada2017-July-28
Video: Beyond the Debate over Metal Detectors2017-July-27
Who Is Behind the Killers on the Temple Mount? 2017-July-17
Hamas in Distress?2017-June-30
Saudi Arabia's New Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Is Good News for Israel and U.S.2017-June-22
Will the Saudi-Qatar Clash Push Hamas into a Dangerous Corner2017-June-09
Saudi-led Squeeze on Qatar Leaves Hamas Facing Big Questions2017-June-08
Arab States Drawing Up List of Demands for Qatar2017-June-08
Saudi Dispute with Qatar Has 22-Year History Rooted in Gas2017-June-07
Four Arab Nations Cut Diplomatic Ties to Qatar as Gulf Rift Deepens2017-June-05
Qatar Needs to Stop Funding Islamists2017-May-10
The New "Softer" Hamas Position Is Nothing More than a Front for Plans of Domination2017-May-05
Erdogan Aims to Islamize Europe2017-April-14
IDF Military Intelligence Veteran Looks at the Middle East2017-April-07
The U.S. Is Back 2017-March-20
Sisi Saved Egypt from the Muslim Brotherhood and the Entire Region from Disaster2017-March-17
Former Defense Minister Ya'alon Sees No Final Settlement with Palestinians in Near Future2017-March-16
Jordanian Soldier Who Killed Israeli Schoolgirls Was No Madman2017-March-15
How Hamas Is Winning Hearts and Minds in Europe2017-March-14
The Muslim Brotherhood: Terrorists or Not?2017-March-02
Egypt, Hamas, and Islamic State in Sinai 2017-February-17
The Careful Way to Go After Muslim Brotherhood Radicals 2017-February-14
Who Are the Legitimate Representatives of the Palestinians?2017-February-08
Gen. Patraeus in Israel: U.S. Must Keep Military Option in Iran Open2017-January-25
Resurgent Terror in Egypt 2016-December-20
Mystery Surrounds Murder of Tunisian Aviation Engineer 2016-December-19
Egyptian and Israeli Cold Peace Has Never Been Warmer 2016-December-16
Britain's Muslim Brotherhood Whitewash 2016-December-02
A French Turn to the Right?2016-December-01
Muslim Brotherhood: Trump Victory a "Disaster"2016-November-11
Showtime for the Egyptian President 2016-November-11
The Truth about Egypt's Revolution 2016-October-25
A Growing Rift between Saudi Arabia and Egypt? 2016-October-18
The Disease of Narrative Thinking 2016-October-13
Who Are the Women Activists Sailing to Gaza?2016-October-06
Jordan Chooses Stability2016-September-30
Senior Egyptian Intelligence Chief Mocks Abbas in Leaked Phone Call with Dahlan2016-September-26
Muslim Brotherhood Bloc Wins 15 of 130 Seats in Jordan Vote2016-September-23

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