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Hizballah Inspires Some Sunnis to Become Shiites 2006-October-06
The Islamization of Egypt 2006-September-14
The Syria Problem2006-September-08
The West Needs to Fight Islamofascists with Big Ideas2006-September-05
Islamist Preacher Qaradawi Calls for Jihad Against Israel2006-August-18
A Matter of Timing2006-August-07
Saudis Against Hizballah, Muslim Brotherhood For 2006-July-21
Israel Faces Regional Challenge2006-July-13
Jordan in the Wake of Zarqawi and the Hamas-Israel Clash2006-July-11
The Israel Enigma2006-July-07
Jordan-Muslim Brotherhood Conflict Heats Up After Zarqawi Homage2006-July-06
Jordan Moves Against Muslim Brotherhood's Financial Arm2006-July-06
With Terrorists, Let Israel Succeed2006-June-30
Will There Be a Palestinian Civil War?2006-June-26
Jordan Turns Its Sights on Muslim Brotherhood2006-June-23
IDF Intelligence Chief: Strategic Threats to Israel Rising 2006-June-21
The Battle for Cairo Is Just as Vital as the One for Baghdad 2006-June-16
Former Political Enemies Join to Push for Change in Syria2006-May-24
Syria's Secular Regime Attempts to Ride a Religious Revival2006-May-12
Fatal Attraction: The Hamas-Iran Alliance 2006-May-08
Sinai Bedouin and Islamic Extremism 2006-May-08
Hamas Ideology Reeks of Al-Qaeda 2006-April-21
Jordan's Rising Islamists Demand More of a Say in Governance 2006-April-21
Many Arabs Favor Nuclear Iran2006-April-20
Blaming Hamas Sidesteps Regional Realities2006-April-18
Hamas' Imbroglio 2006-April-16
Will Arab States Underwrite Hamas Government?2006-April-12
"Israel Lobby" Critique Roils Academe2006-March-30
Power Will Not Moderate Hamas2006-March-29
Women at War with the Mullahs2006-March-23
Was Syria Right to Hail Hamas Victory?2006-March-23
Iran Pushing for Terror Attacks on Israel2006-March-22
Hamas Victory Buoys Jordan's Islamists2006-March-21
Hamas Victory Buoys Jordan's Islamists2006-March-21
Syria Muslim Brotherhood Scents Power2006-March-20
Syria Opposition Vows Unity to Oust Assad2006-March-17
With Hamas Victory, a Changed Middle East2006-March-17
Hamas' New Strategy Threatens U.S. Interests2006-March-17
A Memo to the New Hamas Prime Minister2006-March-13
A Sunni-Shia Rift2006-March-10
Egypt's Brotherhood Discovers Cost of Free Speech2006-March-10
Jordan After the Hamas Victory2006-March-06
Chaos in Iraq Sends Shock Waves Across Middle East and Elevates Iran's Influence2006-February-27
A Primer on Hamas: Origins, Tactics, Strategy, and Response2006-February-24
Egypt Donning the Veil2006-February-24
What Does the Hamas Victory Mean for Jordan2006-February-21
The Security Implications of a Hamas-Led Palestinian Authority2006-February-21
Fear of Democracy2006-February-17
For Islamists Only God's Word Counts 2006-February-16
Egypt Postpones Local Elections2006-February-15

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