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Multinational Forces in Gaza Won't Help Israel, Israeli Diplomacy Should Focus on Egypt2007-June-15
Be Careful What You Sue For 2007-June-08
Forty Years Later, Doing Nothing Is the Best Policy2007-June-08
The Link Between Lebanon and Gaza2007-May-24
Mubarak Expresses Concern Over Growing Strength of Hamas2007-May-17
Egypt Targets Web-Savvy Opponents2007-May-04
Misreading Arab-Israeli Diplomacy2007-May-02
Egypt's Security Cracks Down on Visiting Hamas Officials2007-April-23
How to Create a Failed Arab State2007-April-20
U.S. May Be Softening Stance on Muslim Brotherhood 2007-April-17
Renewed Negotiations with Syria: Currently Not in Israel's Interest2007-April-17
The Muslim Brotherhood and America2007-March-21
Putin's New Friends: Moscow Hosts Hamas2007-March-16
Al-Jazeera: The Muslim Brotherhood Channel2007-March-16
The Silence That Kills2007-March-07
Israel: Iran Is Training Hamas2007-March-06
From Bad to Unthinkable 2007-March-05
Egypt Freezes Muslim Brotherhood Assets2007-March-01
The International Implications of the Hamas-Fatah Mecca Agreement2007-February-15
Blaming Israel Helps Egypt Cloak Internal Problems2007-February-07
No Chance to Change Hamas2007-February-05
IDF Keeps a Wary Eye on Egypt 2007-January-12
Mubarak: "Muslim Brotherhood Is Danger to Egyptian Security" 2007-January-12
The Arab States Drift into Irrelevance 2007-January-09
The Palestinians and the Second Lebanese War2007-January-09
Egypt Fears Al-Qaeda Threat from Gaza2007-January-05
Iran Accused of Promoting Shiism in Sudan2006-December-28
Assad Can't Deliver2006-December-21
A Liberal Brother at Odds with the Muslim Brotherhood2006-November-10
Egypt's Obligation2006-October-31
Minneapolis Airport Taxi Flap about Alcohol Has Deeper Significance2006-October-27
Egypt, Israel, and the Cold Peace 2006-October-09
Hizballah Inspires Some Sunnis to Become Shiites 2006-October-06
The Islamization of Egypt 2006-September-14
The Syria Problem2006-September-08
The West Needs to Fight Islamofascists with Big Ideas2006-September-05
Islamist Preacher Qaradawi Calls for Jihad Against Israel2006-August-18
A Matter of Timing2006-August-07
Saudis Against Hizballah, Muslim Brotherhood For 2006-July-21
Israel Faces Regional Challenge2006-July-13
Jordan in the Wake of Zarqawi and the Hamas-Israel Clash2006-July-11
The Israel Enigma2006-July-07
Jordan-Muslim Brotherhood Conflict Heats Up After Zarqawi Homage2006-July-06
Jordan Moves Against Muslim Brotherhood's Financial Arm2006-July-06
With Terrorists, Let Israel Succeed2006-June-30
Will There Be a Palestinian Civil War?2006-June-26
Jordan Turns Its Sights on Muslim Brotherhood2006-June-23
IDF Intelligence Chief: Strategic Threats to Israel Rising 2006-June-21
The Battle for Cairo Is Just as Vital as the One for Baghdad 2006-June-16
Former Political Enemies Join to Push for Change in Syria2006-May-24

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