IDF: World Health Organization Report "Completely Wrong"

[Jerusalem Post] Yaakov Katz - A World Health Organization (WHO) report that sharply criticized the IDF's screening of Palestinians who seek medical treatment in Israeli hospitals was flatly rejected by defense officials on Tuesday. Col. Nir Press, commander of the IDF's Gaza Coordination and Liaison Administration, said that of the five cases presented in the report of Palestinians who died while waiting for permits to travel to Israel for treatment, each of the Palestinians mentioned in the report had in fact received permits. One such case was of Mona Nofal, 34, who died of cancer in Gaza in November. Press pointed out that Nofal had in fact been treated in Israeli hospitals in July, August and October. Hamas used Nofal's case to blame Israel when in fact she had died of cancer and not because of Israeli policies. Press said that while the IDF was stringent with its screening of sick Palestinians - due to daily terror attacks in Gaza and attempts to smuggle suicide bombers into Israel this way - over 90% of the requests to visit Israeli hospitals were approved. In 2007, 7,226 permits were granted, an increase of over 50% from 2006 when 4,754 were allowed in. The 10% denied permits - due to security threats - are given the opportunity to go to Jordan or Egypt. "Despite the non-stop rocket fire, Israel is doing all it can when it comes to allowing sick Palestinians into Israel," Press said.

2008-04-02 01:00:00

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