An Exaggerated Film on Muslim Incitement

[Jerusalem Post] Manfred Gerstenfeld - Less than 24 hours after the "Fitna" (strife) documentary was posted on the Internet, one third of the Dutch population had seen it. The film, made by Geert Wilders, addresses extreme violence, incitement and hatred emanating from the Muslim world. The movie's strength is the cumulative effect of mass murders, incitement and hatred all shown within a few minutes and all resulting from the same worldview. Where it goes radically wrong is by suggesting that the Koran must necessarily lead to these crimes and that all Islam is violent. Its reprehensible exaggeration makes Wilders and the movie an easy target for criticism, creating a heyday for appeasers and deniers. He has squandered part of his unique opportunity to expose the Muslim violence issue effectively and concisely worldwide. The writer directs the Post-Holocaust and Anti-Semitism project at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.

2008-04-02 01:00:00

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