Israel Aware of Security Challenges, Despite Elections

[Jerusalem Post] Herb Keinon - Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Monday at the opening of the Knesset's winter session that there is a very clear chain of command when it comes to security-related issues. "There are still borders to secure and security challenges to address. The security threats against the citizens of Israel do not wait for the political processes. The fear of terrorism cannot be postponed....Hamas' continued military buildup and the smuggling of weapons in the north and south do not stop. Iranian leaders do not sit still, but continue to threaten and prepare destructive weapons - even during an election period in Israel. To all those I highly recommend not to try our patience or put our ability to the test." There is no chance that as a caretaker prime minister, Olmert could push forward any significant diplomatic initiative because he would not get cabinet or Knesset approval for any such move. It was also doubtful any Arab leaders would engage him seriously, knowing that he will soon be replaced.

2008-10-28 01:00:00

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