Hizbullah Employs Shock and Awe in Beirut

[Los Angeles Times] Borzou Daragahi - Whenever I've asked Hizbullah officials whether they are armed or trained by Iran, they say they actually think the Iranians are not that good at war. They boast that they train the Iranians. In its takeover of West Beirut earlier this month, Hizbullah employed the tactic of "shock and awe," using tremendous and disproportionate firepower to quickly subdue the enemy. Hizbullah quickly went after its enemy's media outlets, snipping key cables at Hariri's television station to keep it off the air for at least a few days. But the conflict also revealed Hizbullah's limits. Going after the more hardened and more motivated fighters in the Druze mountain villages proved a disaster, and Hizbullah lost a dozen fighters without gaining any territory.

2008-05-26 01:00:00

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