Hamas Should Not Be Rewarded for Terrorism with a Palestinian State

(Jerusalem Post) Editorial - In a video released by the Hostages and Missing Families Forum on Wednesday, footage from Hamas terrorists' body cameras captures the violent kidnapping of female IDF soldiers on Oct. 7. The footage shows the violent, humiliating treatment to which they have been subjected. Seven female soldiers were abducted. Fifteen others were murdered. Should such barbaric behavior earn Hamas and its followers a sovereign state? To respond to this carnage by recognizing "Palestine" as a state is an affront to justice and human decency. By recognizing Palestine now, Ireland, Norway, and Spain are effectively sending a message that the international community is willing to overlook or even excuse acts of terror when perpetrated against Israelis. A two-state solution cannot be achieved by legitimizing entities that engage in and support terrorism. It can only be done through sincere and peaceful negotiations, which Hamas has repeatedly shown no interest in pursuing. Unilateral recognition of Palestinian statehood encourages those who believe that terror and violence are effective means by which to achieve political ends, enabling further acts of terror not just in the Middle East but globally.

2024-05-23 00:00:00

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