How to Reduce Islamist Terrorism Worldwide and Weaken the Iranian Regime

(Fox News) Jason D. Greenblatt - Iran has funneled billions of dollars and massive amounts of weapons to Hamas and other terrorists for decades, seeking to achieve its genocidal goal of killing as many Jews as possible and wiping Israel off the map. Iran is also a military threat to America's important Arab allies, including Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar and Bahrain. If it develops nuclear weapons, Iran would endanger the world. The fanatical Iranian regime is committed to the destruction of the U.S. as well as Israel. It oppresses its own citizens, imprisoning and frequently killing those who oppose it. Women can be beaten and imprisoned simply for refusing to fully cover their hair and bodies. Israel understands that failing to destroy Hamas in Gaza would be disastrous. Hamas could regain control of Gaza once Israel withdraws and fulfill its oft-repeated promise to mount new Oct. 7-style massacres. President Biden's suspension of some munitions deliveries to Israel encourages Iran and Hamas to keep the war against Israel going, and encourages Hizbullah to join in striking Israel. Increasing American oil and natural gas production to replace Iranian fossil fuel exports, ending Biden's partial arms embargo against Israel, and allowing Israel to destroy Hamas are the best ways to reduce Islamist terrorism worldwide and weaken the Iranian regime. The writer, a fellow of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, served as U.S. Middle East envoy and played a key role in the Abraham Accords of 2020.

2024-05-19 00:00:00

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