The UN Has Betrayed Israel Again

(Telegraph-UK) Editorial - The UN has again voted to reward terrorism. The General Assembly has voted overwhelmingly to back the Palestinian bid for full UN membership. Shamefully, Britain abstained, though that was better than France, which voted in favor. The U.S., Argentina, the Czech Republic and others did the right thing and voted against. The appalling savagery of Oct. 7, which the Hamas leadership has stated it will repeat as soon as an opportunity arises, made clear what the terror group thinks of living peacefully alongside Israelis. A two-state solution is impossible as long as the Palestinian establishment - and not just Hamas - refuses to accept the legitimacy of Israel's existence, continues to claim "a right of return" to Israel, and pushes a rejectionist vision of Palestinian nationalism "from the river to the sea." President Biden seems to believe that he can micro-manage the Gaza conflict, and has delayed the Israelis for months, lengthening the war and reducing the hopes for the hostages. Only one group will benefit if the IDF is unable to achieve its strategic aims: Islamists who, given the chance, will destroy all the West stands for.

2024-05-19 00:00:00

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