Hamas Is to Blame for Israel's Rafah Operation

(Newsweek) Bassem Eid - The IDF operation in Rafah is not merely a response to aggression but a crucial rescue mission aimed at freeing hostages, including U.S. citizens. The responsibility for this escalation lies squarely with the terrorist group Hamas, which has continuously rejected multiple ceasefire proposals. Contrary to the portrayals of indiscriminate military aggression, the IDF's operation in Rafah is a targeted effort to dismantle Hamas' terror infrastructure and rescue hostages. There is a troubling tendency in international media and some political circles to equate the actions of the IDF with those of Hamas. This false equivalence distorts the reality on the ground. It is crucial to differentiate between a sovereign nation's right to defend its citizens and terrorist acts that target innocent civilians. Under Hamas' misrule in Gaza, enforcement of modesty codes and the legal protection of killings are just surface manifestations of the more profound societal control imposed by Hamas. The Hamas education system pushes horrific misogynistic and antisemitic content, indoctrinating children from childhood that the only role of women is to bear children to wage "holy war" against Jews. LGBTQ+ individuals face the threat of torture and execution. It is essential to hold Hamas accountable for its actions. Only by addressing the real provocateur can we hope to achieve a lasting peace that benefits both Palestinians and Israelis. As a Palestinian dedicated to human rights, I urge the international community to recognize the necessity of Israel's operation in Rafah, not as an act of aggression, but as a defense against terrorism and a step towards freeing innocent people from the tyranny of Hamas. The writer is a Palestinian peace advocate, political analyst, and human rights pioneer who founded the Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group in 1996.

2024-05-12 00:00:00

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