Hamas Ceasefire Terms Would Let It Keep Most Hostages, Win the War, Inflame the West Bank

(Times of Israel) David Horovitz - A close examination of the Hamas document outlining its counterproposal for a ceasefire agreement shows that it is constructed to ensure that Hamas survives the war and regains control over Gaza. In fact, Hamas can abrogate the deal, with all of its key goals achieved and then some, while continuing to hold almost all of the hostages. The document leaves no doubt about Hamas' intentions. You just have to read it. The Hamas proposal is structured to enable it to release very few of the hostages in return not only for an end to the IDF's campaign in Gaza and its survival and resumption of full control there, but also for a planned surge in support for Hamas in the West Bank and a potential major escalation of violence against Israel in and from the West Bank. It states that Palestinian security prisoners will be released "based on lists provided by Hamas." It means that, in the very first days of the deal, Hamas would be able to secure the release of hundreds of the most dangerous and iconic terror chiefs and murderers, including at least 150 serving life terms, in return for the release of very few of the hostages. The release of these prisoners to the West Bank would be perceived by West Bank Palestinians as an astounding humiliation for Israel and a stunning victory for Hamas. The euphoria accompanying the return of the prisoners would cement Hamas as the peerless champion of the Palestinian cause, fueling soaring support for Hamas in the West Bank and the dawn of a new era of escalated violence and terrorism against Israel.

2024-05-09 00:00:00

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