U.S. Policy in Gaza Plays into Hamas' Hands

(Ynet News) Dr. Omer Dostri - U.S. policy has undergone a significant transformation since the onset of the war in Gaza, increasingly favoring engagement with Hamas at Israel's national security expense. The current American policy in Gaza contradicts Israel's war objectives, which the American government initially agreed upon. This policy also goes against American national interests. It appears that the Biden administration is prioritizing the dangerous idea of establishing a Palestinian terrorist state in the heart of Israel, while placing Israel at great risk of continued terrorist attacks. The pressure exerted by the U.S. on Israel to scale back its military actions in Gaza and avoid a ground offensive in Rafah to eradicate remaining Hamas forces allows Hamas to survive and strengthens its refusal to release the hostages, including six American citizens. There is no reason for Hamas to show flexibility when it sees the American government playing into its hands. Current U.S. policy in Gaza is also at odds with the fundamental American principle of the global war on terrorism. The writer is a researcher at the Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security.

2024-05-05 00:00:00

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