The "Better" Civilians of Gaza

(Gatestone Institute) Alan M. Dershowitz - Albert Einstein wrote on Sep. 16, 1945, "The strangest thing is that even the better people among the Germans are not conscious of their heavy responsibility for all these crimes committed by the government they have chosen themselves." That letter could have been written about the so-called innocent adult civilians in Gaza. They elected Hamas and, according to recent polls, continue to support it and would vote for it again. On Oct. 7, the civilians who followed the terrorists into Israel captured a nurse named Nili Margalit, forcibly transporting her to Gaza after murdering other Israelis. In Gaza, they displayed her to the "jubilant crowds" of civilians who cheered her civilian kidnappers. Other Gazan civilians permitted their homes to be used to hide and launch rockets, while others helped to hide hostages. Among the so-called innocent "civilians" who Hamas claims have been killed by Israel, there are thousands of guilty and complicit civilians without whose assistance Hamas could not have succeeded. It is hard to shed tears if the "civilians" who kidnapped and sold Margalit were among the collateral damage. All in all, the number of absolutely innocent Gazans is a fraction of those claimed by Israel's enemies. A thorough and objective investigation will show that Israel has killed far fewer innocent civilians than any nation in the history of fighting terrorism in urban areas. The writer is Professor of Law, Emeritus at Harvard Law School.

2024-04-25 00:00:00

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