Israel Has No Choice but to Strike Back Against Iran

(Wall Street Journal) Elliot Kaufman - Israel learned the hard way on Oct. 7 that defenses don't relieve you of the duty to subdue a determined attacker. Hamas' intent to slaughter Israelis was hardly a secret, but Israel allowed it to survive and grow stronger because its rockets could be intercepted. Israel agreed to "take the win" against Hamas - all the way to catastrophe. It's the same story with Hizbullah, whose expanding arsenal and occasional rocket fire became facts of life in northern Israel. Hizbullah has fired on Israel more than 3,000 times since Oct. 7, depopulating the country's north. The miracle of Iron Dome air defenses for years led Israel to tolerate what no other nation would. Worse, other nations demanded that Israel tolerate it, because Israel suffered little damage.

2024-04-18 00:00:00

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