Israel: Iran Must Pay a Price for Its Aggression

(Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs) On Saturday night, a large-scale and unprecedented attack - consisting of hundreds of UAVs, cruise missiles and ballistic missiles - was launched by Iran against the State of Israel. The attack, which originated from Iranian territory, was supplemented by additional attacks by militias in Iraq, the Houthis in Yemen and Hizbullah in Lebanon. This attack proves once again what Israel has been saying for years: Iran is the one behind the terrorist attacks in the region, and is also the greatest threat to regional stability and world order. Iran attacked Israel, and it has attacked the Gulf states in the past, threatens Jordan, threatens the U.S., dispatches weapons for use in the war on Ukraine, and endangers world peace. This is precisely why Iran must never obtain nuclear weapons. Iran must pay a price for its aggression. The initial price must be the immediate recognition of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps - which launched the attack - as a terrorist organization. Painful sanctions must be imposed on Iran, including, but not limited to, the field of missiles.

2024-04-16 00:00:00

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