Donations to Israel since Oct. 7 Top $1.4 Billion

(JTA) Asaf Elia-Shalev - Organizations and individuals around the world have donated at least $1.4 billion toward Israel's recovery from the attack of Oct. 7, according to a new report published by Israel's Ministry of Diaspora Affairs. The report includes fundraising by Jewish federations, crowdsourced campaigns, and "Friends of" charities benefiting the Israel Defense Forces and Magen David Adom, the national emergency service. At least 350 Israeli nonprofits along with several government agencies have received donations from abroad to help with medical and emergency services, mental health support, aid for victims of terrorism, and economic needs. Some 58,000 volunteers flew to Israel to volunteer for military service, agricultural work, and with organizations supporting Oct. 7 victims and evacuees. Separately, the Israeli government borrowed $1.7 billion through the sale of Israel Bonds, with $300 million coming from American state and local governments.

2024-04-09 00:00:00

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