When U.S. Troops Kill Aid Workers, It's "Friendly Fire." When Israel Does, It's a "War Crime."

(Daily Mail-UK) Richard Littlejohn - In March 2003, my old friend ITN correspondent Terry Lloyd was killed in Iraq. A subsequent inquest ruled that Terry had been unlawfully killed by American troops. But no one at the time demanded that the American-led Coalition - which included 46,000 British military personnel - withdraw immediately from Iraq, allowing Saddam Hussein to remain in power. An estimated 300,000 Iraqi civilians were killed after the 2003 Anglo-American invasion, but I don't recall anyone credibly accusing the British or U.S. governments of committing "genocide." In 2011, a NATO-led bombing campaign in Libya, enthusiastically endorsed by then Prime Minister David Cameron, claimed countless innocent lives. Yet today, Lord Cameron is condemning Israel over its actions in Gaza. When British or U.S. troops accidentally kill innocent civilians, journalists or aid workers, it's "friendly fire" in the heat of battle. When Israel does likewise, it's a deliberate war crime. The double-standards are nauseating. Shifa hospital, used as a base by both Hamas and Islamic Jihad, the groups behind the Oct. 7 massacre, lies in ruins after two weeks of intense fighting. But who the hell does anyone think the Israelis have been fighting - cancer patients? Maternity ward orderlies? It's as if Hamas has been written out of the script entirely. Israel is fighting for its very existence against a fanatical Islamist death cult. It can do without posturing, point-scoring Western politicians, lawyers and activists inserting themselves into the narrative. This isn't about them. It's about the very survival of a people and a democratic nation. Hamas are our enemies, too, the kissing cousins of the nutjobs who blew up Manchester Arena, the London Transport network, and have committed countless other terrorist atrocities in Europe. The courageous aid workers killed in Gaza would still be alive had it not been for the slaughter of 1,200 innocents on Oct. 7. Israel is being blamed, but Hamas has their blood on its hands.

2024-04-07 00:00:00

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