Gaza Doctors at Center of Harrowing BBC Report Are Long-Time Supporters of Hamas

(Mail on Sunday-UK) Mary O'Connor - On March 12, the BBC led its radio and TV bulletins with a shocking report from Gaza in which hospital medics described being tortured and abused by Israeli forces at Nasser hospital in Khan Yunis. International condemnation was swift, with British Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron among those demanding an explanation from Israel. But a Mail on Sunday investigation has found that six of the eight medics interviewed have repeatedly spouted anti-Semitic slurs on social media, with posts ranging from the provocative and inflammatory to the downright obscene. In one post, Dr. Amira Al-Assouli, whose account of being targeted by Israeli gunfire was at the forefront of the BBC's coverage, wrote: "O Lord, turn every Palestinian missile into a Zionist casualty, and turn every casualty into a thousand families that leave our homeland." In another she said: "Lord protect our jihadi fighters and support them with your angels and kill the Jews." MP Andrew Percy told the Mail on Sunday: "The BBC seemingly doesn't seem to care that it keeps casually giving airtime to people who openly support the murder and assault of innocent civilians through terrorism.... Their coverage is fueling the hate on our streets and it is fueling anti-Semitism." Last week the MoS revealed that two journalists who worked on the BBC report, Soha Ibrahim and Marie-Jose Al Azzi, had "liked" posts celebrating attacks on Israel. The IDF raid on the hospital followed intelligence indicating that it was shielding Hamas operatives. They also said Israeli hostages taken by Hamas on Oct. 7 had been held there - and some of the hostages themselves have publicly said they were kept at Nasser. The IDF said it had detained 200 terrorists and "suspects in terrorist activities" and found "large quantities of weapons" at the hospital.

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