If Protests Are Not Anti-Jewish, Stop Attacking Jews

(Toronto Sun-Canada) Editorial - Pro-Palestinian demonstrators in Canada have insisted they're not against Jews, just "Zionists" and Israel's military response in Gaza. But if these protests are not against Jews, why are Jewish neighborhoods, businesses, places of worship, community centers, university students, and a hospital in Toronto founded by Jews which treats everyone regardless of their faith, being targeted? Why have bullets been fired at Jewish day schools, Jewish gathering places firebombed, and Jewish homes defaced with Swastikas? Why are reported hate crimes against Jews skyrocketing across the country, if it's not about hating Jews? The reality is that holding Jews living in Canada responsible for the military actions of the Israeli government in Gaza is Jew-hatred. It is as morally repugnant as holding Muslims, Arabs and Palestinians living in Canada responsible for the terrorism of Hamas in Israel. So if it's not about Jews in Canada today, stop attacking them.

2024-03-01 00:00:00

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